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Ayurveda For Cerebellar Atrophy

Written and reviewed by
MD - Ayurveda
Ayurvedic Doctor, Jaipur  •  13years experience
Ayurveda For Cerebellar Atrophy

Brain is like a network of many wires, these wires are cells called neurons. When these cells start shrinking, that is Cerebellar Atrophy. Shrinking of brain! Yes you read it right. Many different causes come together and shrink the brain tissue. Impact of this shrinkage reflects on the actions of brain. Actions controlled by affected area of the brain.

Cerebellar atrophy is of two types- generalized and localized. In generalized, type of atrophy all activities of brain diminish. In case of localized cerebral atrophy activities controlled by a specific area of the brain are affected. So, symptoms vary according to affected area with problem.

Causes of cerebellar atrophy includes- infection, drugs and other diseases like parkinson’s and alzheimer etc. Cerebral ataxia, dysphagia and inability to speak are few of the symptoms which appear in patients.

Ayurveda about Cerebellar Atrophy

This particular condition is not described in Ayurveda as it is. Exact noun is not available in terms of the name of disease in Ayurveda. For treatment, we need to understand the pathology. Pathology is a process which leads us to problem. Until unless we don't reverse pathology. Condition will remain same. Some medicines can help us to suppress signs and symptoms. This is not the treatment as per Ayurveda. Ayurveda believes in reversal of pathology. 

In case of Cerebral Atrophy, the main thing is the cause why brain cells start decaying. Ayurveda works on three Doshas. Vata is one of these three. Vata controls the nervous system. So nervous system is all about Vata Dosha. Aggravation of Vata dosha leads to the neural problems. The diet, lifestyle which can aggravate Vata dosha causes conditions like  Atrophy.

Because old age is a period for Vata Aggravation thus atrophy is common in old age. So everything is related to Vata. Sukhayu Ayurved has researched well in all such cases. Cerebellar Atrophy is common in people who follow Vata Aggravating foods and lifestyles.Thus approach for the treatment of Cerebellar Atrophy is according to Vata Vyadhi.

Vata is dry thus it dries up the tissues. Therefore we need to nourish the body with “fats” and unctuousness.  We can do that through Panchakarma treatments. We have seen more wonderful results in all such cases with Ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurveda Treatment for Cerebellar Atrophy

Generally, it is asked is there some medicines for Cerebellar Atrophy. There is a treatment for Cerebellar atrophy with Ayurveda. Sukhayu Ayurveda provides the treatment through Panchakarma interventions. Basti is a drug of treatment in all neural disorders. There are many types of Bastis. Especially relevant basti is selected according to the condition of patients. In addition to all these Yoga is another dimension what we add to the treatment for atrophy.

While working on diet-lifestyle our physicians prescribe medicines for 6 to 8 months and 21 days panchakarma. Selection of Panchakarma procedures vary from patient to patient. As a result of nourishing the body and countering dryness of Vata signs and symptoms of a patient starts reducing. Most important thing for treatment is- faith and follow-up. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Ayurveda.

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