Avascular Necrosis Of The Hip

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My name is Dr. Sanjay Kapoor, Orthopedist. Today I will tell you about avascular necrosis of the hip. This is the condition in which the ball of the hip joint or the femoral head is necroseda means the shape of the head is changed. The normal shape is ovule or round. But in this condition shape of the ball is badly degenerated. What are the causes of it? First cause is idiopathic. No.2 is post-traumatic. If the patient is chronic user of alcohol and smoke, than this can also lead to this condition. Now what are the treatment. Treatment depends on the stage of the disease. Few medicines are available which can control the disease.

We also ask patient to stop taking steroids. Now the 3rd stage is hip replacement. But that is done when the head is totally degenerated. In this surgery we replace the head of the femoral and the socket of the hip joint is also replaced. Now this disease usually occur in younger people. We should be aware of this disease as this effect younger people. The most common cause is prolonged use of steroids, chronic alcohol intake and smoking. Patient usually neglects such diseases. But you should go to the doctor at earliest so that disease can be detected early and we can try to cure or stop the disease progression. If disease goes at the stage of 3 or 4 than we can not stop the disease but still treatment is available. That is why we go for replacement surgery. You can book an appointment through Lybrate.

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