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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Autistic Children - 5 Effective Ways You Can Handle Them!

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Dr. Gaurav UppalPsychiatrist • 9 Years Exp.Diploma in Psychological Medicine, Doing Post Diploma MD, MBBS
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As parents, it is important that you should arrange for an early intervention if you notice that your child is suffering from any of the below-mentioned signs as they can be an indicator of autism in your child:

  • Not being able to utter a sound even after 6 months
  • Unresponsive to stimulants, whereby the child fails to make any gestures
  • Incoherent blabbering which fails to make any sense even after the child is 24 months old

An autistic child is way more sensitive than other children. Dealing with them can be challenging for the parents but it is not impossible. To deal with an autistic child effectively, follow these tips:

  1. Early intervention is a must: As soon as you detect that your child is suffering from autism, seek help. There are various methods to treat autism like behavior therapy, speech-language therapy, play-based therapy, occupational therapy amongst others. As parents, you have to figure out which therapy is better for your child or to which therapy is your child responding to. Based on your observation and the evaluation of the therapist, you need to engage your child and encourage changes.
  2. Repeat at home what your child learns at school: Often an autistic child learns certain skills at the school but fails to apply them in other environments, both social and personal. You need to get acquainted with the kinds of therapeutic methods that are being taught to him/her and repeat them in your home or within a social milieu to encourage proper implementation.
  3. Reward them: An autistic child needs a lot of support from the parents in order to function in a healthy manner. Therefore, reward his/her positive behaviors with items that the child cherishes, like his/her favorite toys or stickers. Show the child that you care, in whichever way you find it fit.
  4. Observe the body language of your child: Autistic children will make certain gestures to convey their feelings. You need to observe your child and understand what kind of stimulus irks him/her and what kind of stimulus makes him/her happy. Based on your observation you need to keep your child away from negative spurs and bring in more positive impetuses in his/her life.
  5. Engage your child in recreational activities: An autistic child is no different from a normal child as far as his/her need for fun time is concerned. Maintain your child’s schedule regularly and allocate time for recreational activities, most preferably games. Let your child mix with other autistic children. A happy disposition will help your child turn his/her obstacles into opportunities.

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