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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Autism Cure - Everything You Should Know!

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Dr. Rajalakshmi KandaswamyGeneral Physician • 29 Years Exp.MBBS
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Autism Spectrum Disorder or Autism is a group of neurological and developmental disorders. In this type of disorder, a person faces problems in social interaction and sometimes even in communication. These problems are usually seen in children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates in 2014, nearly 1 in 59 children suffers from Autism disorder.

People often think that there is no “cure” for Autism. One can only nullify the symptoms of Autism by using therapies like behavioural therapy, occupational therapy, play therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, massages, weighted blankets and clothing, and meditation techniques. Modern medicine for a long time has been focusing on finding reasons for Autism to cure it.

In reality, the cure for Autism has already been discovered.

Most of the researches that focus on autism tend to focus on physical factors, while the cause and cure are primarily physiological.

Today, this article presents the understanding of the solution for this disorder and how one can “cure” Autism.

Research has been done to approach Autism from a holistic perspective. In that research, it has come out that consciousness plays an indispensable role in Autism.

Recent researches have established the connection between Brain - Gut - Energy Fields with consciousness quartet with autism. This perspective also presents a practical approach of understanding the actual results of Autism cures and limiting the symptoms permanently.

Brain-Gut-Energy Fields Triad:

Before coming on the “how” part, let us explore these terms individually to detangle the confusion that might have developed till now:

  1. First Brain (i.e. brain in the skull): The main function of this brain is transmitting and receiving signals from one part of the body to other parts.

  2. Second Brain (i.e. Gut brain): This brain should be the primary brain. It is a gut brain that first senses the energy frequencies and signals in the form of emotions and then transfers it to the brain to translate it as thoughts.

  3. Third Brain: The third brain is interdimensional which contains energy frequencies and their information. It connects to the neural network system of the skull and gut.

  4. Energy Fields: The energy fields consist of the meridians, chakras, and other refined subtle energies which help to connect these three brains.

What Actually Autism Cure Is?

Many people or theories misunderstand the term “cure”. In the case of “Autism cure”, there are theories and treatments that limit the symptoms of autism. But, in reality, the autism cure should work on limiting all the symptoms that a person is experiencing. For example, the actual autism cure should enable a nonverbal child to speak coherently.

So, Autism cure needs to focus on filling the missing piece in a child to treat autism and limit all the symptoms.

However, the question arises, what exactly is this "missing piece"?

Consciousness: The Missing Piece

The missing piece is nothing but Consciousness. According to the Applied Energy Medicine and Applied Intentional Epigenetics, consciousness is an authentic autism cure that is already showing the results in the field of treating autism.

It is interesting to know how consciousness glues the Brain - Gut - Energy Fields triad together as a coherent unit.

Human DNA is programmed inherently to respond to language. For “clear communication," DNA requires the correct frequency. People with developed consciousness may create a conscious channel for the communication with DNA.

With development in the Psychiatry field, it is being accepted that the “mind” is not confined to the brain in the skull. The human mind extends beyond the physical selves. It is not just the part inside our head, but also the human perception of their experiences and those experiences themselves.

According to research in the field of Neuro gastroenterology, human Gut functions like a Brain, and in many aspects even controls the operations of the brain in the skull. The cells that are released from the brain in the skull are also present in the Gut of the human being.

So, it is the consciousness which is the most tangible for energy sensing, seeing, or feeling and acts as a thread to connect all four of them together.

Take Away

Consciousness smoothens the functioning of the human brain through energy. According to quantum theory, everything in this universe is made up of energy, and it is no exception for the actual result of Autism cure.

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