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Are Tech devices causing neck pain...please read: TEXT NECK SYNDROME...

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Are Tech devices causing neck pain...please read: TEXT NECK SYNDROME...

What is text neck syndrome?
Text neck is the term used to describe the neck pain and damage sustained from looking down at your cell phone, tablet, or other wireless devices too frequently and for too long.
Symptoms of text neck syndrome?
Text neck most commonly causes neck pain and soreness. In addition, looking down at your cell phone too much each day can lead to:

Upper back pain ranging from a chronic, nagging pain to sharp, severe upper back muscle spasms. Shoulder pain and tightness, possibly resulting in painful shoulder muscle spasm. If a cervical (neck) nerve becomes pinched, pain and possibly neurological symptoms can radiate down your arm and into your hand
How is text neck treated?

First, prevention is key. Here are several pieces of advice for preventing the development or advancement of text neck:

@hold your cell phone at eye level as much as possible. The same holds true for all screens - laptops and tablets should also be positioned so the screen is at eye level and you don't have to bend your head forward or look down to view it.
@take frequent breaks from your phone and laptop throughout the day. For example, set a timer or alarm that reminds you to get up and walk around every 20 to 30 minutes. If you work in an office, make sure your screen is set up so that when you look at it, you are looking forward, with your head positioned squarely in line with your shoulders and spine.
The bottom line is to avoid looking down with your head bent forward for extended periods throughout the day.

Next, rehabilitation is important. Consult physiotherapist get it check and start with specific rehabilitation.

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