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I am Dr. Anil Ganjoo and today I am going to tell you about the science of reversing aging. With the newer machines that have been introduced into skinnovation, we can reverse aging science. In aging what happens to the face is that you lose the fat in the face. The fat in the face sacks down and you have this brows developing with the aging process. Then there are aging spots happening, the black spots, brown spots that you have, then superficial breakening happening. All this you put together makes the face look aesthetically very bad. So we have now introduced some machines which takes care of the loose skin, which takes care of the superficial textural deformities, it takes care of the wrinkles that happen with aging skin and also the aging spots that happen.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing you to two wonderful machines, these are US FDA approved machines that we have got in skinnovation. This ultraformer is a US FDA approved, high intensity focus ultrasound machine which has the ability of going deep down into the skin and eating the skin from within and tightening the skin. So, this machine has the ability of tightening and raising the skin which has sacked down, which has loosened with aging as the jaws swell, as the nasophore nasolabial folds develop as puffiness around the eyes develop, so then we treat with this ultraformer high intensity focused ultrasound. We are able to tighten the skin. The skin is lifted. The skin's colour, texture etc improves.

We usually combine this technology with this technology which is a radio frequency device is called andimade, again is an US FDA approved machine which has the radio frequency tightening ability. So when we do this in combination with that, we do one session of this, we do 4 or 5 sessions of that at intervals of 7 to 15 days we are able to take care of the deep, sagging skin which is which is you know sagging down and that can be lifted up and then we are also able to tighten the skin from within within the upper layers of the skin that is the dermis etc.

So we go deep down into what is called SMAS layer with the help of the high intensity focused ultrasound and then we follow it up tightening within details that we put together, we have seen that produces wonderful results in ageing skin and skin gets tightened, the skin gets lifted. You get improvement in these jaws, the the angle and the line here, to jaw line, its well defined as in young skin.

The skin starts glowing. The the wrinkles go and the ageing spots also improve. Not only that, even the puffiness around the eyes, the wrinkling around the eyes improves to a larger extent and remove remember that this is a non-invasive technique. It’s not surgical. Patient does not have to be put under the knife. This is just a machine that works on the surface of the skin. A little bit of heat is spend during this treatment but the outcome is wonderful. So ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Skinnovation, come for the ageing, anti-aging treatments. This is a real wonderful combination for ageing skin.

Thank you very much.

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