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Anal Fissure - Ayurvedic Treatment Options For It!

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Anal Fissure - Ayurvedic Treatment Options For It!

Anal fissure is a condition that is caused when the skin surrounding the anus tears due to excessive strain. Generally, constipation causes the condition, as people have to put a lot of strain during bowel movements. Here is a look at some simple ways to prevent anal fissure.

Natural Ways to Prevent Anal Fissure-
Since the primary cause for anal fissure is constipation, the preventative methods involve reducing constipation.

  1. Increasing fibre content in the diet, with the help of fruits and vegetables can help against constipation.
  2. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day, can also ease stool passage and make it softer.
  3. Avoid straining excessively during bowel movement.
  4. Avoiding spicy foods and chillies in the diet is vital, as such foods can aggravate the difficulty during defecation.
  5. Avoid eating excessive meat and non-vegetarian products.
  6. Drinking buttermilk can also provide relief from the constipation.

Ayurvedic Remedy for Anal Fissure-
Medications for the condition include both oral remedies, which deal with the underlying constipation, as well as topical medicines that can be applied at the site of the problem. Two main Ayurvedic treatment for anal fissure include-

  1. Kshar sutra ligation: In this specialized procedure, a string is attached around the affected region. However, before the string is tied, it is coated in a mixture of healing herbs and natural products. After the string is tied tightly, the benign tissue falls off after 5-10 days. The underlying tissue also gets repaired in a couple of weeks.
  2. Sitz bath: Another easy and effective Ayurvedic remedy for anal fissure is to fill warm water inside a tub. Add a splash of antiseptic liquid in the water and sit inside the tub in such a manner that the anus and buttocks remain submerged in the water. This treatment reduces the pain and discomfort associated with the diseases and keeps the anus hygienic. 

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