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I am Vaidya Satyavrat Nanal. Today we will be talking about briefly but will try to cover in detail about a subject called allergy. Now today we can see lots and lots of patients who are suffering from allergy. You go to some doctor or a ayurvedic doctor and they say that you have allergy. When we think about allergy with a perspective or through ayurvedic perspective we come to a few things which I will be elaborating today. You go to a doctor they treat you, you get the symptoms again and then eventually slowly gradually you get labeled as you are having allergy of something. Now, what is allergy of something? If you go and do the test for allergy then you will get a list of various food items and few other items like smoke, dust or anything else which you are having allergy off. Now, if we think about the food items and if they say or if you are been told that you are having allergy of these particular items the reverse meaning of it is you are not able to cope up with those items or you are not able to digest those items. This is a clear cut meaning of you are having allergy of so and so item or so and so food item.

Now when ayurved thinks about it ayurved thinks about it through digestive process. If you are not able to digest something then that item after consumption might trouble you. When the trouble starts the trouble starts at that point where the body is not able to digest that thing. Many times you feel that yeh to hum bachpan se kha rahey hain, tabhi kuch nahi hoga. Ab kyun allergy. That means bachpan se aj tak your body is coping up, body is coping up till date now body is not able to cope up. It’s a gradual process and it takes maybe months or years together. Then what you actually have to do is, you have to concentrate on the digestion process. Now as per ayurved digestion process is not just what you eat and what you evacuate. The digestion process as per ayurved is divided into two – one is you eat and you evacuate that is gross digestion. And second process which starts after gross digestion that is the metabolic activity which is labeled as nowadays today. That’s sthul pachan and suksma pachan as per ayurved.

Now I will not go into the technical terms of it but grossly what as layman what you can understand from this is when you eat something you digest it and after digestion, the metabolic activity which starts those are the systems those are parts of digestion process which takes part after what you eat and consume and evacuate. That’s called metabolic activity. Now various systems are involved in that and now you have to actually find out which systems are involved. How you are going to find out? By the symptoms, you are getting. Few get allergy and they get the regular cough and cold problem which is recurring cough & cold. Few get skin eruptions few get rashes or anything else. Now depending on those symptoms you have to meet your ayurvedic physician and you have to actually find out which systems are lacking behind and those metabolic activities which are part of digestion are to be corrected and that correction can be made one with the help of medicines if required, then the major things are through correction of diet, diet is not something about starving.

Ayurved is famous and people have a misbelieve that when you go to an ayurvedic doctor he will give you a long list of food items which you can't eat as a part of diet plan. It's not about you can't eat or you have to avoid, it's about till the time you recover you have to stop those items, get recovered the ayurvedic physician will be able to tell you what to start, how to start and when to start. By that you can cover up a few thins or may be many things out of those items which you have stopped. But maybe a few things you will not be able to cope up with again throughout the life that is also a possibility. Because till the time you get to know that you are allergic to something that means you are not coming up or you are not able to digest those items it might be late so it's not bad to avoid few things its not bad to add few things but the way should be adding something should be proper. How to add, when to eat, how to eat, how to make it is the thing or these are the questions which you actually have to ask your ayurvedic doctor and if the things you have to avoid why to avoid, when to avoid, how to avoid these questions are also as important as others.

So if by doing this with the diet and with the medicines if you can cover the thing then maybe you can again restart consuming 30, 50 or even 70 to 80 percent food items which you are not able to digest right now. That depends individually on person to person and depending on the severity of the case. But few things are there which I will at the end of this session just quickly mention them one the reasons which I am going to quote one if you are drinking water early morning on empty stomach in large quantity that can be the reason of your recurrent cough and cold. Second, if you are eating many times or the frequency and quantity of sour things, salty things and fried things then you might be suffering from the allergies like skin eruptions boils or many other things or related issues with the skin. And these are the items if you stop using then you will feel the difference in next 15 days and then you can consult any of the ayurvedic doctor for further investigation and treatment.

These are the things basically I will be grossly mentioning food items three four items I will be quoting here. One is banana second is curd third is new jaggery, new jaggery means the jaggery which is not at least a year old and fourth is fried fish. These are the 4 items which are generally the major reasons to have some kind of allergy. If you are consuming these then try to avoid and see the difference and for further evaluation, you can meet any of the doctors. If you want to meet me then I will be available through Lybrate dot com.

Thank you very much!

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