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In the earlier video, I mentioned a few things about the dramatic reconstruction that is the constriction in trauma. Now I will be discussing few procedures in aesthetic surgery. So as I said the basic are reconstructed from bringing the abnormal to the normal. Now from the normal to be a little above, the normal are rather super normal. So, as I mentioned a few or many of us are born with a minor deformity that is noticeable or unnoticeable for example nose, our ears or anything for example ear's small curvature. You might have seen many people with the different types of curvatures of the ear. These are correctable nowadays. If it is very minor definitely people do not consider or rather consider for surgery, whereas, if it is gross then definite comes under correction that is reconstruction. So the aesthetic part in the aesthetic.

Also, we take we can divide into three zones which are a face, body that is just part and the remaining body. In the face, so many Corrections can be done starting from the hair transplantation to the nosejob that is, rhinoplasty in some people are born with the small noses. We can increase them depending on our to their reasonable extent or decrease them when the noses are very large or when they are crooked definitely they're correctable as in after trauma or by birth deforms which they are crooked definitely they can correctable. So this is Rhinoplasty then comes a facelift. A facelift is as we keep ageing what happens is the tissues sag down unfolds start appearing and then the fat also deposits which used to be in the upper part then slowly migrated downwards causing lumps in these zones. In facelifts, what we do is we take the position that is we take it back and we bring your shape back to your that is atleast to 10 to 15 years back chronologically. So we try to make you look at it 10 to 15 years younger than me what you are now. 

We cut the skin in this zone we enter. We lift entire face redistribute the fat tighten the muscles and finally close the skin so like this face is lift.

Then comes the chest. Some people have small breasts. We increase them by augmentation rhinoplasty by placing some implants and nowadays the latest method is implanting your own fat. Transfer the fat from your own somewhere elsewhere it is more and then place it in the area where it is less that is fat auto transfer. One of the latest and the best methods it is considered especially for minor defects for example sunken cheeks we corrected with the fat then comes the other parts. For example, liposuction, where we take out the excess fat from the belly region or tight region or the lifts that is tummy lift or tummy tucks the excess part of the tummy that is our speciality.

After delivery, females face significant sagging of the skin. Why?

When the babies were there inside the skin tries to accommodate it by sagging. It may not contract back to the same extent as it has sag so after certain time that is six months to one year after delivery if the skin does not contract we try to take out the excess skin like this we try to correct a rather improve the appearance of for various minor are rather unnoticeable deformities especially in the form of aesthetic surgery and then we try to make the patient look better and indirectly we make them feel better also. Many times we try to achieve perfection sometimes we may not be able to achieve the perfection in the first sitting. Those thing in minor correction are usually passable in the secondary corrections. For every problem there

For every problem there is solutions and we can make the patient look definitely better plastic and aesthetic surgery.

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