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Acne Scars

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Causes and cosmetic treatment for Acne scars

Hello! I am Dr. Jolly Shah practicing Dermatologist and cosmetologist. I practice in Mumbai. We are going to have a word about coping with Acne scars.

Acne is one of the common problem faced by the teenager's even middle aged females and males nowadays and it is a very irritating problem because it leaves behind very dirty marks and scars. If it were left alone then the marks and scars wouldn't be there because of pricking and breaking of the boils. Dirty marks pits or scars as we call them are left behind. Sometimes very big pustular acne on their own also can leave behind scars. It is very easy to take care of acne. But it is very difficult to take care of scars. The definitely affect one's self confidence and also in your day to day life it will affect your activities as well. Lot of importance is given to one's own look nowadays. So a clear face is very important.

Modern medicine offers a lot of modalities in the treatment for the same. The simplest one are peels in which specific medicines are applied on the face and that takes off the top most layers of the skin thereby taking care of the marks as well. There is another advance thing in this that is known as oxygen peel. That also refreshes the skin in addition to reduce the formation of new acne as well. The next step in this is microdermabrasion that also uses either power crystals. Or it is going to use a diamond tip to remove the top dead layers of the skin. This again also with its suction action open up all the pores that are there and also open up all the commodores.

The third step in this is usually micro needling. Now this is a procedure which goes in depth trying to clear of the marks and scars from the depth. It is required sometimes and numbing cream. The instrument itself has got multiple needles on a barrel which is rolled on to the skin to regenerate from the below and thereby help in the lift up of the scars. This requires multiple sessions but the results are very beautiful. The state of our treatment for acne scars is fractional carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. Now this is a laser that can penetrate right up to the depth of the skin where the scars are formed. It can break of the fibrous bands which is holding the skin below and lift them from below itself. Now this laser can treat the superficial part as well as the deeper part thereby giving a complete clearing of acne its marks and its scars.

The treatment option will depend on the individual what they want what you want what final result is desired by both. Also the target is important the skin type also the work type of the patient is also important. Also one of the most important things that does matter in this will be the time duration and definitely not to mention the cost factor. Because none of these procedures are going to be covered by any med claim or an insurance policy since these are all the cosmetic procedures.

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