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Acne And Scar - How To Manage Them?

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BHMS, PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC), Fellowship in Medical Cosmetology
Cosmetic Physician, Navi Mumbai  •  17years experience
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Hello all,

I am Dr. Priyanka Ghatge. Today I will discuss with you about acne, its management and also acne scar management. This is one of the most common conditions seen in young age group like adolescence but nowadays we are having patients of middle age also or even during the menopausal age also female comes with lots of acne, so there are multiple reasons for the acne and the treatment also depends upon the reason why the acne is there. So in common language, in our language we call it as pimples, pimples and acne are one and the same thing, so pimples and acne are classified into three different stages or rather four different stages:

First is mild acne, which is also called as comedones. It could be closed comedones or it could be open comedones. We call it blackheads and whiteheads, so the treatment for blackheads and whiteheads is very easy, there are certain skin tips which you need to follow to have a pimple-free skin. So in this first thing is that you should or everyone should wash their face with very mild and gentle cleanser at least two times a day, whenever you are choosing or using any product for your face to make sure the product is non-comedogenic which means it will not clog pores and it will not cause acne. So you should rather than going for the oil-based product you should go for water-based products or water-based moisturizers. So be it sunscreen, be it moisturizer or any serum it should be all water-based so that it will not clog pores and you will not get acne because of it.

If someone is having acne than that person should not be touching the face or plucking or pricking the acne, why because if you keep on touching the face you will keep on spreading the bacterial infection from one point to another point so that should be avoided strictly, also if you keep on plucking the acne it will lead to bad scars.

Then stress you should be avoiding stress at any point because stress is directly related to all the skin problems. Then comes water intake you should be drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day and hydrate the skin properly from internally as well. Then comes makeup removal that is very important, before sleeping all the girls should remove all the makeup from their face and let the skin breathe nicely. Many people feel that they should be avoiding spicy food or oil oily foods so that they won't get the acne but that thing is not yet proved but certainly the food with high glycemic index causes acne so you should be avoiding food which is having high glycemic Index like mangoes or like certain juices so these all food increase the glycemic index of the body and they increase the acne levels also.

Then comes the second stage of the acne that is also called as papular acne, it is very commonly seen acne in the adolescence age group where the reddish papules appear basically on the cheeks. These are also called as physiological acne. We must treat these acne people say that this is a common thing they will come and go but the treatment it is necessary, why because if you will treat the acne at the right time you can avoid further damage of the skin or you can avoid the scar formation.

So for this, we have different pilling treatment it in the clinic basically for mild acne we use salicylic acid peels so those pills can be repeated at an interval of 21 days. 3 to 6 sessions are required depending on the skin type, along with Pill for the modern acne we give certain ointment to the skin which is antibacterial in nature as well as they keratolytic, keratolytic means they will slough off the uppermost layer, they will dry the acne fester and the antibacterial properties will reduce the bacterial infection.

Then the third grade of acne, third grade of acne is nodulocystic acne where you will see thick, hard nodule beneath the skin or sometimes it's filled with pus and sometimes it is filled with the black blood so these are nodulocystic acne, these are very painful acne and most of the time associated with certain hormonal issues especially PCOD, PCOS. They are more commonly seen along the jawline so for that treatment along with procedure likes pill, we require oral medicines also to reduce acne. The sessions of pill are designed according to the severity and grade of acne. So the person may require around 3 to 6 sessions to get rid of acne completely.

Once the skin becomes acne-free then we need to see the after-effects of acne i.e. if the marks are the left or if the scars are left because of acne. Marks can be filled nicely with certain cream and marks can be filled with the procedure like microdermabrasion or peeling, but when it develops deeper scars those deeper scars need to be treated with clinical procedures only.

Certain procedures like PRP treatments, derma roller treatments, then carbon dioxide laser, then RF (radio frequency) treatments, so these are certain treatments which will stimulate new collagen formation beneath the skin so that the skin will be lifted up, the scar will heal, it also break the fibrous bands which are holding the scar back and you will get the nice youthful skin back.

So for more details about acne treatment do visit our clinic at Doctor Priyanka’s Health and Glory Clinic or you can contact us through

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