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Abdominal Hernia

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I am Dr. Hemal Bhagat, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Parth Surgical Centre, & Criticare Multispeciality Hospital, Mumbai. Today I will talk about a very common topic which is an abdominal hernia. What is a hernia? A hernia is basically a weakness or a defect in the abdominal wall through which the abdominal content like intestine, fat pops out. Let me tell you about the types of hernia: Congenital wherein a baby is born with the hernia. An acquired hernia is the hernia whereas the age progresses, the abdominal wall starts becoming weak and then can lead to a hernia. Post-pregnancy hernia because of the stretched abdominal wall. Next is incisional hernia which happens because of surgery. Males and females both can get a hernia. Males usually get the hernia in the groin called inguinal hernia and female usually gets the hernia around the umbilicus. Now, why do a person will have a hernia? A hernia usually develops in a patient who has increased intra-abdominal pressure.

Now, why this happens? It is all because of long-standing constipation and straining, cough, difficulty while passing urine and excessive lifting of weight. Now, what will the patient present if he will have a hernia? A hernia is usually not painful. So, the patient will only be represented with a lump on the abdominal wall. But if the hernia is complicated then the patient will be represented with the painful lump, the tension of abdomen, vomiting, unable to pass gas or unable to pass motions or maybe sometimes they will be present with the fever. In such complicated cases, the patient is required to do the surgery. So, what are the treatments? Surgery is usually the main treatment for the hernia. Before the Drs used to prescribe belts but now no one does that. Now we put a mesh. Now, this can be done in 2 ways either open or laparoscopically. Now which surgery to do? This can only decided patient to patient. The patient's well being depends upon such cases. But if the patient comes in the complicated cases like obstructive one, so better to do a conventional surgery. So, once you know you have a hernia, its better to do a planned surgery rather for an emergency one. I hope this information has helped you.

Thank You.

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