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A Natural and Homemade Chemical Peel Recipe

Vaidya Visharad
Sexologist,  •  55 years experience
A Natural and Homemade Chemical Peel Recipe
Why do a homemade chemical peel?

A homemade, natural chemical peel helps you control the ingredients and avoid all the toxic elements of the store-bought versions.

Almost all of us have some scarring of some sort on our bodies. I have a scar on the inside of my arm from some barbed wire after falling off of a cow. (They do NOT like to be saddled, by the way!) I have another on my knee from rock climbing near the river. These aren’t large and they don’t bother my self esteem at all. However, scars like burns, perhaps on the neck or arms, or severe acne scars on the face can lead to low self esteem and even send people into hiding. This is where chemical peels can greatly benefit you.

I like to do a chemical peel once a month just to be sure there is nothing left behind on my skin after my normal beauty routine.

Natural Homemade Chemical Peel

You can go very mild with this recipe or go for a deeper peel with stronger acids. The variations are listed after the recipe.


1 small cucumber, seeded and pureed (about 1 cup)
1 package or 1 Tbsp. unflavored gelatin (find it here)
a few drops natural liquid meat tenderizer (find it here) OR ¼ tsp. powdered meat tenderizer (like this)
a dash of ground cinnamon (adding too much may irritate skin)
water if necessary

Place the cucumber inside a medium sized bowl and sprinkle with the gelatin. Add a little water if it doesn’t start to dissolve.
Sprinkle the meat tenderizer and cinnamon over the cucumber mixture and stir well to combine. The gelatin will dissolve and become pasty. Add water if you need to make it spreadable.
Spread this over your face and allow it to dry, 15-20 minutes.
When completely dry, start at the jaw line and slowly peel from your face. Rinse off any residue and follow with moisturizer if you wish.
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