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A Complete Guide For Hypertension Treatment

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A Complete Guide For Hypertension Treatment

Although there is no permanent way to treat hypertension, it can be easily controlled in several ways. The best way to control the levels of blood pressure is following a healthy diet plan. It can also be controlled through lifestyle changes, medicines, and by knowing the effective ways to reduce stress.

How does a healthy diet control hypertension?

Following a diet plan that contains food items with fewer amounts of sodium will aid you greatly in controlling your blood pressure levels.

Decreasing the intake of salt is another way of reversing hypertension. The normally recommended amount of salt for a healthy individual range from 9 grams to 12 grams per day. This can be achieved by reducing the intake of fatty eatables and processed food items, which are rich in salt. However, the World Health Organization recommends people take less than 5 grams of salt per day. This will lessen the hazard of suffering from hypertension and from other health disorders.

Lifestyle changes

Next to diet, lifestyle changes play a vital part in reducing the risk of hypertension. Doing physical exercises regularly for at least 35 minutes will offer better results. Most healthcare providers and doctors recommend hypertension sufferers to involve in a 30-minute physical activity daily. Such patients can do aerobics, yoga or any other form of physical activity.


Medications are ideal for those who have blood pressure levels more than 130 over 80mm of mercury. They can effectively reverse their hypertension. Usually, medicines are started at a low dosage. Once the patient is accustomed to a particular medicine, he or she can use a combination of a minimum of two antihypertensive medicines to reverse hypertension.

Knowing the ways to reduce stress

Stress can be reduced effectively by developing useful strategies to bring the levels of blood pressure under control.

Moreover, avoiding the use of drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy food products will definitely help hypertensive patients in reducing their stress.

Similarly, quitting the smoking habit will allow hypertension patients to bring down the levels of their blood pressure easily. This will further decrease the hazard of hypertension, heart disorders, and other related health problems.

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