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8 Wonderful Tips To Avoid C-Section And Ensure Normal Delivery!

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8 Wonderful Tips To Avoid C-Section And Ensure Normal Delivery!

It is seen that only a small percent of women planned C-Section delivery because of its future complications. There is no argument that vaginal delivery is the best way to deliver your baby. Even WHO recommends to perform C-Section only when medically necessary.

What Actually Is C-Section?
A Caesarean Section, commonly known as C-Section is a process of giving a birth to child by a surgical process. In this process, a team of specialized surgeons operate the mother under the influence of anesthetics and take out the baby. In 2012, more than 23 million C-Sections were reported globally.

A C-Section seems like an easy method of delivering a child as compared to the vaginal birth, but the after effects of C-Section are extensive. In this type of delivery, the body takes longer time to heal.

Here are the tips you can follow to avoid C-Section and ensure normal delivery:

  1. Be Careful While Selecting Your Doctor: Some doctors prefer C-Section. So, you need to choose the gynecologist with low C-Section rate. Find yourself a doctor who would give you a good advice, who you can trust and ask about all your doubts. Always ensure that the doctor is experienced for Vaginal Delivery.
  2. External Support: Delivery period is one of the toughest time of women’s life. During this time, she needs an external support from someone who is more experience and knowledgeable, especially if it’s her first delivery. Always ask for advice or help from someone who is more experienced, like an elderly person, friend, or relative.
  3. Remain Stress Free: Stress is something every woman experience at the time of delivery. Stress leads to sleepless nights and discomfort, which ultimately may lead to C-Section. Try to be as calm as possible during your pregnancy time. Meditating and listening to music will help you a lot.
  4. Avoid Being Induced: Labour Induction is a process of labour by medication before normal time of delivery. One should avoid it as it increases the chances of C-section.
  5. Exercise: Exercises like Swimming, Walking, and Yoga will help you improve your breath rate and provide a sufficient amount of oxygen to the Fetus, thus help avoid C-section.
  6. Eat Nutritious Food: Eating healthy food is always good for your baby as well as for yourself. It provides nutrition to you and your child and ensures healthy delivery. Eat healthy and iron packed food.
  7. Ensure Healthy Weight Gain: It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy, but opting for high and unhealthy fat is bad for a pregnant woman, as it leads to difficulty while moving around and could ultimately lead to a C-Section.
  8. Read Childbirth Books: You can also read some childbirth books to feel relaxed and get ideas of do’s and don’ts during pregnancy.

I hope these tips will help you avoid C-section and ensure normal delivery. Also consult your gynecologist during the earlier months of your pregnancy for this.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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