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8 Exercises You Should Ignore To Safeguard Your Body!

Physiotherapist, Hyderabad  •  13 years experience
8 Exercises You Should Ignore To Safeguard Your Body!

People who regularly work out can go on about its benefits and also show off a toned physique. However, a bad or improper movement can be more harmful than no exercise at all. Read on to know some common exercises that are best avoided for their potential harmful effects. 

  1. Dumbbell punches (Punching the air with dumbbells in hands): By holding dumbbells and punching them forward into the air, you are just spending your energy for absolutely no benefit. It is good as a conditioning one if done for a long time but does not help the shoulders or the arms. Bicep curls and triceps extensions yield much better results than these punches.
  2. Shoulder Shrugs (Rolling shoulders with dumbbells in hands): The only muscle that gets worked here is the trapezius, which is at the joint of the shoulders and the neck. The arms and the back do not get any benefit and shoulder shrugs can actually cause postural problems and increase shoulder tension. It is best to avoid this exercise if you are not a professional bodybuilder.
  3. Thigh machines (Pressing weight through legs): One of the most ineffective machines in the gym is a thigh machine. The poor posture and no workout for the abs are few of the reasons why the outer and inner thigh workouts should be avoided. Better results can be achieved with squats and lunges, which also help more muscles and help in losing weight.
  4. Plank rows (Push-up posture & lifting hands one by one): Plank rows or board lines are almost ineffective for back and arm strengthening. Better results are achieved with the usual lines for these areas.
  5. Squatting on a Bosu ball (Squatting on a specific machine): This colourful equipment might be alluring but can be really dangerous and cause ankle and knee injuries. It can also result in meniscal tears or disruptions.
  6. Crunches (Laying on floor and pushing head upwards with hands): When improperly done, crunches produce the same position as one achieves while working on a computer - head forward and rounded shoulder. Crunches are meant to be done by pulling up on the head and not using the abs, as most people incorrectly do.
  7. Lat pull-downs behind the neck (Pulling down weight behind your back): This can be very harmful for people who have even minor shoulder joint problems. The idea is to build arm, torso, and back muscles by pulling a weighted bar down the front and back of the chest area. This can cause misalignment, shoulder impingement, or a tear in the rotator cuff, and in severe cases, even cervical vertebral fracture.
  8. Military Presses Behind the Head (Pulling up weight behind your back): Similar to a lat pull-down, here also, a barbell is lifted up and down behind the head and can cause the same problems as the earlier one, including fracture of the cervical spine.

Make sure you get a professional trainer's advice on the right ways to work out so as to get the maximum benefits and avoid injuries.

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