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5 Ways to Combat OCD!

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Ms. Sudeeptha Grama 93% (61 ratings)
Msc - Clinical and Counselling Psychology
Psychologist, Bangalore  •  8 years experience
5 Ways to Combat OCD!

OCD - It stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. This disorder is characterized by uncontrollable, unwanted and repetitive thoughts or behaviours. You can characterize it as OCD if your obsessive thoughts persist for more than an hour a day. There are over 1 million cases of OCD reported in India alone. There are two components to OCD - obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are the repetitive thoughts that occur and compulsions are the urges you have to satisfy the obsessions. For example, a fear of being contaminated by germs is an obsession and washing your hands to the point it is pruning is the compulsion. Here are some ways you can combat OCD:

1. Practice relaxation techniques:

Stress can trigger symptoms or make them worse. Mindful meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques can help lower your overall stress and tension levels and help you manage your urges.

2. Face your fears:

Avoiding your fears make them seem scarier. Instead, expose yourself to you triggers and try to resist the urge to complete the compulsive behaviour.

3. Refocus your attention:

When you are experiencing OCD thoughts and urges, try shifting your thoughts to something else. It could be exercise, reading or listening to music among other things. Continue this for 15 minutes then reassess your urges.

4. Anticipate urges:

Anticipating the urges by creating a solid mental picture of you performing the act previously so that you do not go and do it again.

5. Create a worry period:

Rather than trying to suppress your obsessions, set aside one or two 10 minute periods in your day to worry about them. Consciously delay thinking about your obsessions until then.

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