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5 Myths About Depression Debunked!

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Dr.Vishal P Gor 93% (1046ratings)
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5 Myths About Depression Debunked!

Depression is a mental health disorder where one experiences a lack of interest in activities and has a continuously depressed mood. This can lead to serious impairments in the daily life of the affected person. Day by day, the number of patients suffering from depression is increasing. More than the facts, it is various myths people hear about depression that make them vulnerable.

Below are the five common myths and facts regarding depression-

Myth #1: Lazy people suffer from depression
People who have a lethargic life suffer from depression and hardworking people never experience it. This is probably one of the most widely believed myths about depression. However, in reality, it is excessive work pressure, overwork, the feeling of being bound with responsibilities and being exploited at the workplace that causes depression. Anyone can develop this mental condition, and workload and lifestyle do not always have something to do with depression.

Myth #2: Women are the main victims of depression
Another popular myth regarding depression is that it is women who mainly suffer from it. Yes, it is true that women are more sensitive than men, but developing depression has nothing to do with gender. Anyone, at any age, at any time, can suffer from depression.

Myth #3: Talking can never help in easing depression
There are some people who believe that depression is a mental health disorder. It is only treated with psychiatric medicines that can help in dealing with this condition. However, what they don't understand is that doing something constructive and having positive conversations with their loved ones can actually benefit their mental health. Even psychiatrists believe that talking sessions are one of the ways of treating depression.


Myth #4: Depression is the same as sadness
People who are constantly unhappy are often considered as being depressed. However, the fact is that sadness and depression are two different things. While one can get over the former condition of feeling low and sad, suffering from depression leads to chemical changes inside the brain, causing changes in the behavior, thinking, etc. of the affected person, thereby persistently damaging one’s life.

Myth #5: There’s no link between depression and physical exercise
Many people assume that physical exercise isn't helpful in dealing with depression since it's a mental illness and not a physical condition. However, the fact is that a moderate amount of physical exercise not only helps in improving mental traits but also boosts the concentration power of the person, while preventing lethargy.

No matter how mild or serious the form of depression one suffers from, opting for psychiatric help becomes crucial to avoid risks of deterioration of the condition in any way. After all, a professional psychiatrist can not only help one suffering from depression by treating them with necessary medications and therapies but also help in differentiating the facts from the myths thoroughly.

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