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Last Updated: Jun 03, 2023

4 ways to gain weight

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Dr. Mukesh SinghHomeopathy Doctor • 23 Years Exp.B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant
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A very low body mass index can be due to many causes including genetic, developmental, and hormonal disorders and other issues with absorbing nutrients in the body. A low body mass index may also be owing to a high metabolism rate. Here are a few healthy ways to gain weight according to different requirements:

Know your calorie needs

- Calculate your resting metabolic rate with the formula - RMR = 10* weight (kg) + 6.25* height (cm) - 5* age (yr) + x [For men; x=5, for women; x = -161] Your BMR tells you how much minimum calories you will burn if you rested an entire day.

- Account for your activity by using your RMR as BMR (Base metabolic rate) and calculate your daily calorie needs by the following formulae:

  • BMR * 1.2 - If you are sedentary
  • BMR * 1.375 - For light exercise
  • BMR * 1.55 - Moderate activity
  • BMR * 1.725 - High activity
  • BMR * 1.9 - Intense activity

Weight Gain Diet to follow

- Gradually increase your calorie intake
- Eat healthy and timely
- Have a balanced diet with heavy foods like - starchy vegetables, dense fruits, added oils, and creamy soups

- Have foods rich in protein, avoid watery fruits and veggies
- Avoid trans-fats
- Do not binge, pace yourself through your diet regime
- Have dietary supplements and protein shakes

Build muscle to increase body weight

- Include weight training in your daily regime
- Compensate for extra calories lost in training
- Do not overdo it, rest is equally important in building muscle

Things to remember

- Stop eating junk food, eat healthily
- Hydrate yourself well
- Rapid weight gain may cause stretch marks
- Be careful when choosing fatty foods as overindulging in them can lead to heart diseases and type 2 diabetes
- Overeating may cause bloating, stomach aches, and cramps
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