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Last Updated: Apr 18, 2024

10 Tips For Mind-Blowing Oral Sex!

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Dr. R C PapdiaSexologist • 44 Years Exp.MBBS
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Oral sex is the sexual activity in which the mouth and tongue of one partner stimulate the genitals of the other partner. Oral sex is supposed to be pleasurable and fun for both the partners. However, you must keep in mind that HIV and sexually transmitted diseases may spread through oral sex; so consider using a condom. Also, it is not compulsory for you to let him ejaculate in your mouth.

Mentioned below are a few ways you can blow your partner's mind in bed without even having sexual intercourse:

1. Take Control
While giving a blow job is fun, exploratory and playful, it is also very empowering. You are in charge and in control of his pleasure. Before taking him in your mouth, touch him sensually and spread some flavored lube on his shaft that is safe to consume.

2. Let Yourself Linger
Do not be in a hurry. Savor it and make him squirm. Dirty talk is a great idea and heightens the excitement and pleasure. 

3. Avoid Gagging
Unlike pornography, research concludes that couples enjoy a lot more when they avoid gagging or deep throating. Gagging puts both the partners out of the mood.

4. Explore Underneath
It is very important that you stimulate the frenulum which comprises a bundle of nerves. Flick it slowly with the tip of your tongue and halt every time you hit the erogenous spots. 

5. Take a Lick
Sexologists believe that licking the penis (just like you lick a popsicle) is incredibly arousing and gets him worked up. It also sustains the excitement.

6. Be Enthusiastic
It is important to convey your genuine enthusiasm. If you are enjoying the act, let him know so he can receive more pleasure.

7. Spice it up
Get a bit naughty and he will worship you in return. Studies say that with an increase in arousal, pain tolerance also increases. Dig your fingernails into him or tighten your mouth's grip around his arousal to intensify the action.

8. Try Teeth
Gently scrape his shaft with the surface of your teeth and trail it with your tongue. This is unbelievably sexy.

9. Pop an Ice
Create a tingly sensation in him by drinking cold water or sucking on an ice cube just before you take him in your mouth.

10. Make Some Noise
Not only does moaning turn him on, but it also adds to your excitement. Vibrations too create a pleasurable sensation.

Couples can engage in countless sex positions that combine the pleasure-seeking bodies of men and women. Some of the easiest positions to try are:

At The Top
It can sound contradictory, but often one of the most effective ways to grow comfortable is to start out feeling uncomfortable. Not only will you be prominently displayed, but you'll also be in charge, which is amazing. Being at the top is the best spot for sex because you have control over the pace.

Doggy Style
A different position that will boost your confidence? Doggy style. It is ideal because it enables both lovers, regardless of sex, to unwind and take on an active role.

Thighs Up
Vintage missionary is frequently fantastic, but a quick and simple way to turn it up a notch while having sex is to put your feet in your partner's arms.

Sideway Straddle
Even though some people might be hesitant to give this site a chance because they think it will be 'tough,' it's truly worthwhile. First off, what could possibly enhance your confidence more than mastering a challenging sex position? And finally, a great way to have a wonderful orgasm with your partner is to give them a great view while you get the added benefit of all the grinding against the leg motion.

The Classic Missionary Pose
The woman is spread-eagled on her back, her knees slightly bowed. While supporting his body weight with his arms or elbows, the male guides his penis inside her vagina while lying between her legs.

Summary- These moves can be effective even if you are not an expert gymnast. To increase the heat between the sheets, avoid thinking about 'wild sex positions' and instead think of simple sex positions.

Risks of Oral sex
A fun and healthy aspect of an adult relationship can be oral sex. But there are several things about oral sex that many people don't know. The following facts may surprise you!

Oral sex is associated with throat cancer
Oral intercourse can indeed lead to throat cancer. Cancer is not specifically caused by oral sex, but rather by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which can be transmitted from one person to another during sex, including oral sex.

In some adult relationships, oral sex improves, while it stresses others
Adult oral sex can increase intimacy for some couples while stressing out others. Concerns regarding hygiene on the part of one partner frequently contribute to oral sex tension. Due to concerns about the partner's response, one individual may not want to accept it. Some people object because they feel a little oppressed.

Oral sex without protection is frequent, but it poses hazards
Sexually transmitted illnesses (STDs) like HIV, HPV, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhoea and viral hepatitis can all spread during oral sex. Consequently, oral sex is risky. Therefore, oral sex is dangerous. The risks differ based on a number of variables, including your gender, the number of sexual partners you have, and the particular oral sex acts you engage in.

Summary- If you both enjoy it and agree to it, oral sex can be a natural and joyful component of sex between couples. You can engage in oral sex alone or in conjunction with other sexual acts (such as vaginal or anal intercourse). But engaging in oral sex without a condom carries some dangers.
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