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Teebite Roasted Millets Jowar Bites (Sorghum Bites) - Mango Jalapeno Flavour - 50g

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Grab the lip-smacking taste of Jowar Bites mango Jalapeno flavour and keep your digestive system healthy. It also helps in maintaining cholesterol levels.

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What are Jowar Bites Mango Jalapeno and its uses?

Made out of jowar grains these thrust out puffs are roasted and coated with mango jalapeno seasoning. These spicy and tangy bites are full of fiber and keep you filled for a longer period of time. Eating jowar bites mango jalapeno also helps in cutting down the calories.

The uses of this jowar mango jalapeno bites are as follows:

1. It is easily digestible

2. It has low calories and is gluten-free

3.Contains fiber and keeps you filled for a longer period of time

What are the benefits of Jowar Mango Jalapeno

Gluten-free- these jowar bites are gluten-free thus helps in cutting down the unwanted calories present in the body. Jowar is also good for people suffering from diabetes thus these bites can be eaten by diabetics.

Easily digestible- jowar is full of fiber thus these bites also promote digestive health and keeps you filled for a longer period of time.

Full of energy- eating jowar bites mango jalapeno fills you with energy and makes your day energetic.

Burns calories- these jowar bites are roasted and also contain fiber thus help down in burning the unwanted calories present in the body.

Helps in weight loss- jowar also helps in weight loss as well as strengthens the bones hence eating jowar bites is healthy for you.

Key Ingredients of Jowar Bites Mango Jalapeno

Jowar (Sorghum) Meal, Edible Vegetable Oil (CANOLA), Siracha Powder (6.6%) (dehydrated Siracha sauce, Red Chilli, Garlic), Icing Sugar, Garlic and Iodised Salt.

How to consume Jowar Bites Mango Jalapeno?

Consuming Jowar bites mango jalapeno is very and does not require cooking. If you want the bites to be extra crunchy then you can microwave them for 30 seconds and enjoy.


What is the shelf life of Jowar Bites Mango Jalapeno?

The shelf life of jalapeno is said to be consumed within 8 months of manufacturing.

Is there a particular time for having this snack?

There is no particular time of having this snack. You can have this healthy snack whenever you feel like munching something tangy and spicy.

Is it roasted or fried?

This jowar bites mango jalapeno is roasted and not fried thus it also a low-fat product.

Customer Testimonials

I am mostly travelling for work and hardly get any time to stop over and eat something healthy. But, with this healthy snack i do not have to worry anymore. It is easy to carry wherever I go and is perfect for a health conscious person like me.
Piyush Negi,Noida
Kapil Gupta,Pune
Namit Rastogi,Bengaluru
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