Nutriorg Triphala Juice (500ml) with Sanitizer (50ml) Free - 0
Nutriorg Triphala Juice (500ml) with Sanitizer (50ml) Free - 1
Nutriorg Triphala Juice (500ml) with Sanitizer (50ml) Free - 2
Nutriorg Triphala Juice (500ml) with Sanitizer (50ml) Free - 3
Nutriorg Triphala Juice (500ml) with Sanitizer (50ml) Free - 0 Nutriorg Triphala Juice (500ml) with Sanitizer (50ml) Free - 1 Nutriorg Triphala Juice (500ml) with Sanitizer (50ml) Free - 2 Nutriorg Triphala Juice (500ml) with Sanitizer (50ml) Free - 3
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Nutriorg Triphala Juice (500ml) with Sanitizer (50ml) Free

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Grab this juice and balance all the doshas of your body. Being rich in Vitamin C, it helps in removing waste as well as fatty tissues from the body.

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What is Triphala Juice?

Triphala juice is a natural detox formula provided by Ayurveda. Triphala comes from Tri-three and Phala-fruits which means it is a perfect blend of Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki.

Being rich in Vitamin C, Amla balances all the doshas the body is made up of. Bibhikati and Haritaki help in bone formation and improves heart and brain function respectively. While all these together form a powerful Rasayana called Triphala.

Now you get Nutriorg Hand sanitizer free with Triphala Juice. Nutriorg Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-based sanitizer that helps in killing the germs and illness-causing bacteria. Due to the current health emergency situations all over the world i.e. Corona Virus Outbreak (COVID-19), it has become mandatory to keep your hands disinfected and sanitizers have taken up the chief role in this. It is heavily advised to sanitize your hands every 15-20 minutes for safety. Nutriorg Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99 % germs and also nourishes your skin. This sanitizer should particularly be used in Schools, Offices, Hospitals, Market places, Banks, Food Processing Units, Eateries.

What are the key Benefits of Triphala Juice?

1. Rich in antioxidants
2. Prevents diseases
3. Treats constipation and inflammation
4. Protects against cancer and chronic diseases
5. Maintains blood sugar levels

What are the key Ingredients of Triphala Juice?

Bibhitaki or Beheda

Bibhitaki or Beheda

1. Maintains blood sugar regulation
2. Manages body weight
3. High in gallic and ellagic acid



1. Improves eyesight
2. Manages chronic disease
3. Builds immunity

Haritaki or Harad

Haritaki or Harad

1. Rich in vitamin C
2. Contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
3. Treats sore throat and infection

How to use?

For triphala Juice :
1. Mix 15 to 30 ml of Triphala juice in a glass of lukewarm water.
2. Consume it two times in a day i.e. in the morning and evening with your meals.
3. For best results, it is advised to drink it on a regular basis for six months.

For Nutriorg Hand Sanitizer :
Apply a sufficient amount on your palms, spread and rub on the back of your hands and fingertips until dry.

Hand Sanitizers are most effective when:

1. Don’t Use Hand Sanitizer on soiled hands: Hand sanitizers are not meant to clean your hands. They are meant to disinfect. Residue like oil or dirt will prevent hand sanitizers from penetrating down to your skin and will leave it ineffective.

2. Use sufficiently: When it comes to hand sanitizer, less is not more. You need to apply enough to thoroughly coat every part of your hands. Don’t forget about the back of them or your fingers!

3. Rub until dry: This will make the alcohol work faster and evaporate out disinfecting your hands thoroughly.

It contains Aloe vera, Tea-tree Oil, Lemon, Neem, Tulsi and Mint that takes care of your skin. The Sanitizer does the perfect job without harming your skin each time it is being used. The Nutriorg Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer can be used innumerable times without worrying about the side effects of Alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why consume Triphala juice?
It is a powerful herbal remedy that helps in preventing diseases and building immunity. Consuming Triphala juice on a regular basis regulates metabolism and bowel movements.

2. Does Triphala juice help in weight loss?
This juice helps in flushing the toxin out of the body and keeping the stomach and intestine healthy. This juice acts as a colon toner which ultimately helps in managing the weight.

3. Does Triphala juice contain habit-forming properties?
No, it does not contain habit-forming properties and does not have any side effects on the body.

Customer Testimonials

This juice is very beneficial for health as it maintains metabolism and helps in boosting immunity.
Excellent product. My relative is a diabetic patient and I bought Nutriorg Triphala juice for him. He consumed this product regularly and now he has a balanced blood sugar levels
I consumed this product and I am impressed by its result. It is beneficial for stomach health.
Shipra, Agra
Ankit, Meerut
Rupali, Mumbai
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