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Keeo Intimate Care Wash For Women - 120ml

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Keep your intimate area clean and odour-free by using Intimate wash for women. It also reduces the chances of STDs.

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What is Keeo Intimate Wash For Women?

Keeo Intimate Wash For Women is a chemical-free hygiene product for intimate areas. It contains a formulated liquid that helps to cleanse women’s intimate area and maintain a proper pH level. Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to toxic intimate washes.

Keeo Intimate Wash is a revolutionary new way to promote intimate hygiene. The formulation is plant-based that banishes odour causing bacteria and maintains adequate pH levels. Our goal is to provide women with intimate care product which is parabens free and has no chemicals & sulphates.

The product is pH balanced to keep genitals healthy and is clinically tested by dermatologists and gynaecologists.


  • Fights odour causing bacteria and infection
  • Foam-based soap-free formulation is gentle for daily use
  • Keeps you fresh for the whole day
  • Reduces the chances of STDs
  • Promotes intimate hygiene

Why Keeo skin intimate wash for women?

It’s time to say goodbye to toxic, chemical laden, fragrance filled intimate washes. Experience a revolutionary new way to Intimate hygiene. Formulated with plant based goodness, our intimate wash helps banish odour causing bacteria while maintaining adequate pH levels. Clinically tested by dermatologists and gynaecologists, our wash is pH balanced to keep genitals healthy. Made with finest natural ingredients, Keeo intimate care wash meets the hygiene needs, fighting odour causing bacteria and infection, so you can feel confident when it matters the most! Foam based, soap free formulation with same pH as the sensitive mucosa of women’s private region. Gentle enough for daily use. Reduces the risk of infections & STDs. The naturally deodorising formula helps limit the development of odour, leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Key Benefits of Keo Intimate Wash For Women

  • It keeps the pH Balance neutral
  • It is a foam-based product and is very handy and easy to use
  • The product has no chemicals and parabens that could cause harm to the intimate areas
  • It helps to get rid of unpleasant odour
  • This keeps you fresh and clean all day long
  • This product is clinically approved by Gynaecologists

What are the Key Ingredients of Keeo skin intimate wash for women?

1.Tea tree oil: An Australian essential oil formulation which has antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Antioxidant rich and helps in soothing the skin.
2.Rosemary Oil: Anti-inflammatory essential oil which helps in removing bad odour and prevents sexually transmitted diseases.
3.Lavender Oil: Improves blood circulation and leaves a lingering relaxed aroma.
4.Aloe Vera extract: Extracted from succulent aloe vera leaves, it has natural healing and soothing properties. Maintains the pH levels of the intimate parts and provides moisturization.
5.Apple Cider Vinegar: Kills bacteria and fungi that are found in a woman vagina. Effective against vaginal yeast infection.

How to use Keeo Intimate Wash for women?

  • Wet and rinse your private area with water
  • Pump out some rich foam
  • Apply and gently rub on your private area to work up a good foam
  • Rinse it thoroughly

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which skin type is this product good for?

Keeo Intimate Wash can be applied on all skin types.

2. Can Keeo Intimate Wash used daily?

Yes, it is safe to use the intimate wash daily to maintain proper hygiene.

3. Can it cure UTI?

No, it cannot cure UTI. But it can soothe irritation and inflammation caused by UTI. It can also help in reducing the risk of UTI.

Customer Testimonials

I've finally found the perfect intimate wash for myself, and at an unbelievably amazing price. It's really gentle on my skin, and I absolutely love its fragrance. Perfect for my hygiene down there. Definitely gonna buy this again, and recommend it to all the girls out there!!
Shreya Jha,Delhi
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