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Dr Vaidyas

Amlapittavati Gastritis and Acidity Medicine (24 Pills)

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Amlapittavati is a completely natural supplement that follows a holistic approach to digestive health, based on centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom that has focused on the role of digestion in human health.
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What is Amlapittavati?

Amlapittavati by Dr. Vaidya is an ayurvedic medicine that supports healthy digestion and prevents conditions like acidity, heartburn, gastritis and chronic peptic ulcers. The product is a perfect blend of natural herbal ingredients including amla, elaichi, and nagkesar.
This ayurvedic medicine promotes a healthy digestive system and provides relief from common gastrointestinal problems like acidity, acid reflux, heartburn, GERD, gastritis as well as peptic ulcers. For best results, it is advised to consume these capsules on a daily basis for at least 3 months.

Why choose Amlapittavati?

Being a 100% natural supplement, Amlapittavati focuses on the ayurvedic treatment to promote a healthy digestive system. This herbal supplement not only provides relief from digestive issues like acidity, heartburn but is also helpful in lowering the risk of gastrointestinal disorders and chronic peptic ulcers. This supplement can be consumed without any risk of side effects.

What are the key ingredients in Amlapittavati?



Contains anti-inflammatory properties
Boosts metabolism and promotes digestion
Rich in fiber



Strengthens the digestive system
Contains cancer-fighting compounds
Contains anti-inflammatory properties



Promotes good stomach health
Decreases sugar cravings
Fights allergies

What are the benefits of Amlapittavati?

1. Helps with Acidity
2. Promotes good digestio
3. Reduces Hyperacidity
4. Treats Heartburns, Ulcers and Gastritis

How to Consume?

It is recommended to consume one pill twice a day. For best results, consume it on a regular basis for 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients?
The product is made up of all herbal ingredients including amla, elaichi, jaiphal, nagkesar, etc. It does not contain any chemicals or artificial colours.

2. Are there any other side effects?
The product is 100% natural and does not have any side effects if consumed in a limited amount.

3. How to store this product?
It is advised to keep the product away from children, pet and direct sunlight.

Customer Testimonials

This is a very good product. I am impressed with its result.
Highly recommended product.
I consume this product on a regular basis. It promotes good digestion.
Shreya, Mummbai
Animesh, Gurugram
Priyanka, Mumbai
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