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DNPL Insula Twin 30 Capsules

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An increase in blood sugar levels is one of the most common problems faced by working adults these days. Insula twin capsules are a natural solution to reduce the level of blood sugar without any side effects.

Expiry Date: 30-Mar-2024

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Country of OriginIndia
Name of Manufacturer / MarketerDestiny nanotech pharma pvt ltd
Address of Manufacturer / Marketer211, Krishna Apara Plaza, Alpha-1, Commercial Belt, Greater Noida (U.P.)-201308, India

What are DNPL Insula Twin Capsules?

Insula twin capsules are a blend of organic herbs and natural products which regulate the level of insulin which help you reduce your blood sugar level. It is free from any added preservatives, coloring, or processed sugar making it perfect for the whole family.

Why Choose the DNPL Insula Twin Capsules?

Made with 100% ayurvedic herbs and products, Insula twin capsules will help you reduce your blood sugar level naturally. It naturally balances the level of insulin in your body, helping you digest the excess sugar in your blood.

How to use DNPL Insula Twin Capsules?

1-2 Capsules twice a day with water Or As prescribed By physician.

What are the key ingredients in DNPL Insula Twin Capsules?

Here are the key ingredients of Insula twin capsules-

1. Karela

2. Haldi

3. Gudmar

4. Neem

5. Daru Haldi

6. Bilva

7. Jamun

8. Ashwagandha

9. Dal chini

10. Lakshmna

11. Till beej

12. Babool

What are the benefits of DNPL Insula Twin Capsules?

The key benefit of insula twin capsules is that it helps to regulate your blood sugar level. It will naturally reduce the level of sugar by increasing the level of insulin.

Frequently Asked Questions for DNPL Insula Twin Capsules

1. What food items should be avoided with Insula twin capsules?

Food items that are high in fat content (fried fast foods) should be avoided.

2. How long do we need to consume Insula twin capsules to see any effective results?

Regular consumption of Insula twin capsules for at least 40 to 60 days combined with a healthy diet will show effective results.

3. How long does one bottle of Insula twin capsules last long?

The duration of one bottle depends on the consumption. If you take one capsule a day, it will last a long 30 days and if you take it twice a day it will last long up to 15 days.

Customer Testimonials

It is one of the best products I have ever used! It's natural and helps me reduce my sugar levels within weeks.
Suresh Rana,Haryana
Akansha Sinha,Goa
Ashoka raj,Mumbai
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