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Last Updated: May 31, 2022

World Environment Day: What Is World Environment Day And Why It Is Celebrated?

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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar SinghAyurvedic Doctor • 14 Years Exp.BAMS
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World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5th June. This day encourages awareness and action for the protection of our environment. It raises the problems facing our environment such as plastic pollution, air pollution, illegal wildlife trade, sea-level increase, sustainable consumption, and food security, among others. World Environment Day is a reminder for us to pause and reflect on our actions and their subsequent consequences on the planet. 

When was World Environment Day first celebrated?

The day was first observed in 1974 in the city of Spokane in the USA.

History of World Environment Day (WED)

1972- The UN General assembly established World Environment Day on the 1st day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. 

1974- the first 'World Environment Day' was held with the theme 'Only One Earth'. 

1987- The idea for rotating the center of these activities by selecting different host countries began. 

Why is World Environment Day (WED) celebrated? 

For a healthy life, the environment plays an important role. It provides us with air, food, etc. The environment is like our neighborhood, its surrounding conditions affect us and also modify development. It is really necessary to address the environmental issues like deforestation, increasing global warming, pollution, wastage and losses of food, etc. Currently, our earth is experiencing a triple planetary emergency: 

  • Pollution is poisoning our air, land, and water. 

  • Climate is heating up too quickly

  • Habitat loss

The deteriorating environmental conditions worldwide had already raised alarms in academic circles, and among scholars studying its conditions. However, the general masses seemed oblivious to changes that were not directly affecting them.

World Environment Day is structured in a manner that allows one country to take up the responsibility of selecting the theme and hosting the key celebrations each year. 

Let's all come together and ensure this unique and beautiful planet remains a comfortable home for humanity.  





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