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Last Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Why Nose Bleeding Can Be Serious?

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Dr. Rajeev NangiaENT Specialist • 38 Years Exp.MBBS, MS - ENT
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Why nose bleeding can be serious?

A majority of people experience nosebleeds at least once in their lifetimes, whether from excessive picking of the nose or a pretty hard fall. Most nosebleeds go away soon but it can get very serious if you are not careful.

Nosebleeds can be broadly classified into two types:

1. Anterior nosebleeds, which happen from the front of the nose, are quite normal and get better quickly.

2. Posterior nosebleeds happen from deep within the nose and get very serious if proper care is not provided. However, such cases are rare and happen only in extreme trauma.

What to do when a nosebleed strikes?

- to stop the bleeding, tilt your head upwards and apply ice on the bridge of the nose. This helps in stopping the blood flow quickly. You can also stuff cotton in your nostrils while doing it.

- blow your nose in order to clear the clots in the nose as they can prolong bleeding.

When does a nosebleed get serious?

- when the measures to stop the bleeding don't work. You are at risk to lose blood if you don't get medical help.

- if you have regular nosebleeds then consult your doctor immediately as it could be a symptom of an underlying health condition.

- a nosebleed can also become serious if you are having medicines that thin blood as it could make the nosebleed more severe.

- if you suffer from a blood clotting disorder.

- if the nosebleed is a caused by a trauma like a fall or an accident and you are having difficulty in stopping the bleeding, get immediate medical help.


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