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What To Do For The Skin During Summer?

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M.Sc. Dermatology, PG diploma in clinical dermatology, Board Certification, Doctor of Medicine, Added Qualification in Cosmetic Lasers, Diplomate in cosmetic formulation
Cosmetology, New Delhi  •  13years experience
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I am Dr. Kiran. I am here to talk to you about what can you do this summer for your skin. During the summer we sweat a lot, we get a lot more greasy, we feel more oily, we get obstructive, we get blackheads, we get whiteheads. So how do we deal with that? First things first, we change our skin care using salicylic acid based face washes to unobstruct your skin is a must. Cutting out some of those moisturizers is definitely also helpful if your skin is greasy or switching to a jelly-like lotion is also an option. Looking for sunblocks which are more gel-based which suits this weather is also an option. Another thing you can do is use alpha-hydroxy acid lotion at night so they can also help you unobstructed and get rid of some of the excess tan.

Treatment which you can consider are gentle clean-ups and another thing that you can consider is called the Hydrafacial which uses a vacuum-based therapy, infused vitamins and cleanses out some of the junk that has been building up inside those pores. It also reduces oil secretions and gets rid of sweat and obstruction as well. That you can do once in two to four weeks depending on how obstructive and oily you feel and absolutely fabulous for the summers and very comfortable and also quite brightening as well. So enjoy this summer. Don't worry your skin is in good hands as long as you take good care of it.

Take care and thank you!

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