What Is Microsurgery?

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 I am Dr. Bheem Nanda, consultant plastic and microvascular surgeon in Delhi. Today we will talk about microsurgery. Like microsurgery is a surgery which requires very high magnification usually with the help of a microscope to operate on nerves, tissues, vessels and many other structures. So, for this, special training is required. Any plastic surgeon who has special training in microsurgery can perform these surgeries. So, microsurgery is required like especially in cases of trauma like when there is a very severe injury to the limbs, hand, face where microsurgery is required to salvage these limbs, to reconstruct these limbs like in cases of amputation when the body part is totally separated from the body like finger amputation, thumb amputation, hand amputation. So, to join all these structures microsurgery is required, to save these severely traumatized limbs, like there is no blood flow in this part so we have to do immediate microsurgery.

A patient requires microsurgery in the traumatic setting should reach the hospital within say a maximum 6 hours and sooner he reaches to the hospital, the better result we can give to these patients. Then microsurgery is required in cases of Cancer surgeries like a cancer surgeon usually removes that part which is involved at Cancer like heal, jaw, any part of the body. Then a plastic surgeon needs to reconstruct these parts and for this, we have to bring tissues from other parts of the body or from the same area. If we are bringing from other parts of the body then microsurgery is required to join the vessels, to give a very good aesthetic and cosmetic result. So, for cancer reconstruction, highly skilled or microsurgical training is required to give a very good result. Then microsurgery is also required like if the tumour is involved or any disease or anything is very close to the nerve, special nerves or any vessels then also microsurgery is required to remove these diseased parts or the tumour.

Then microsurgery is also required for say brachial plexus injuries which involve the part of the part near the neck where all the nerves which are coming from the neck to the arms get traumatized so to join these nerves back or to the nerve transfers, microsurgery is required to give a very good result. Microsurgery requires highly specialised or advanced instruments like microscope, instruments to perform microsurgery, highly advanced operation theatre setting is required. All these facilities are available at tertiary care centre like Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. These surgeries are very difficult to perform at a very small setup so we will always advise if any patient or anybody requires microsurgery he should always come to a big to a tertiary care setup like Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, where we have all the facilities to perform microsurgery and as I told you sooner you present to this setup, better result we can give you.

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