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What Is Hair Loss?

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MBBS, FCPS - Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy, DVD, DDV
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I am Dr. Shubhangi Mestry, Dermatologist, Mumbai. Today I will talk about hair loss. Pre-neglect of the hair loss, we get a lot of hair so we are not bothered about it. But that is a burning issue. We have got 2 types of alopecia. One is scarring and another is non-scarring.

Today we will talk about non-scarring alopecia. A most common problem is pattern hair loss and postpartum hair loss. These are the burning issue right now. Of course, other issue related to hair loss where we are getting dandruff, alopecia areata. Dandruff is the most burning issue again which lead to chronic as well as an acute flame. This happens due to various reasons. Mainly because of hormones, chronic stress.

That is why we see more and more cooperate with people having hair loss. And sitting at one place for the longer period of time to work for almost 12-13 hours and they neglect the hair loss because they are trying to do something or the other for long periods of time. They just neglect the hair loss. These people come to us with baldness. Baldness starts in case of pattern hair loss from the crown area. This is how they neglect the hair loss because they cannot see.

People who see hair loss from the front, they are coming to us with their problems. So, that is how we can start with the treatment who come early to us for the treatment. Those who come late, for them also we can start the treatment because we have a lot of treatment options. Various therapies are available in the market. If the patient comes early, they can get good results.

Thank You.

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