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What Are Healthy Eating Options During Vacations?

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Dt.Divya Singhal Garg 86% (22ratings)
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Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi  •  5years experience
What Are Healthy Eating Options During Vacations?

Vacations are a brilliant escape from our hectic schedule when we can enjoy our time with our close ones. But vacations also call for one thing and that is fitness. Yes, without the right fitness and physical stature, you will not be able to enjoy your vacation and fall ill.

When we are in the 'vacation mood', it is very often seen that people follow a dietary routine that is absolutely not what they follow at home. Due to the different food and schedule, the diet tends to change. So, here are some healthy eating options that you will be of great help when on vacations.

1. Plan a diet - We know it is difficult to follow a particular diet plan when you are on a vacation. But that is what causes health problems later on. Plan a diet of at least the timings of the meal you have and include some common items which you also eat at home into these meals. Getting a common item to eat helps a lot and does not cause a complete imbalance to the diet.

2. Pack healthy food - When you are on a vacation you would not want to face a stomach upset, right? So, it is important that you pack healthy foods like fresh fruits, dry nuts, ready-made energy bars, etc. These are really good for your body and also keep the proper balance in the minerals inside your system.

3. Think and indulge - Since you are on a vacation, you will get the opportunity to grab a bite of various food items which you would avoid if you were at home. So, always think twice before indulging into different food items that may not be a very healthy choice to make. However, a bite once a while will not do you any harm!

4. Always rely on water - Water is your best friend when you are travelling for a vacation. A sip of water constantly will keep your body hydrated and allow it to function properly. Make sure you have purified water from a safe tank or filter. You can also mix some energy powder into it to ensure that energy salts remain in your body. Many people also eat fruits along with water for energy and filling appetite.

5. Choose vegetarian food - You can always enjoy a nice plate of your favourite meat cooked for you but you must keep in mind that meat is particularly heavy on the stomach.

So, you will need to follow a proper diet plan to compensate the heavy meal you took and that seems to be a bit difficult on a vacation, isn't it? Therefore, try to eat vegetables and veg items on the menu as much as you can because they are light and fresh as well. So, here are the different kinds of healthy eating options that you can choose to follow when you are on a vacation.

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