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Vaginal Infection - How To Prevent It?

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Dr.Garima Kaur 90% (418ratings)
MS, MBBS, MICOG, Diploma In Laparoscopy
Gynaecologist, Delhi  •  17years experience
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I am Dr. Garima Kaur, consultant of obs and gynae. The most common and recurrent gynae problem that I have come across in the general population is vaginal infection or commonly known as leukorrhea, at this point I would like to highlight that in the physiology of vagina there is a clear transparent odourless fluid which is commonly discharged from the vagina to keep it clean and healthy but when there is a vaginal infection then the colour and the odour of this discharge changes, it is then called leukorrhea.

This is mainly of 2 types. It can be physiological or pathological, physiological is in situations where the girls are having their puberty or ladies are in their first trimester of pregnancy or in the neonatal girls and the pathological could be due to fungal infection or due to mixed fungal and bacterial infection or due to urethritis that is urinary infection along with vaginal infection and froth and most serious being gonorrhea, see in this situation, ladies should not stay at home and should not hide their problems and they should come up and meet their gynecologist and seek treatment for the problem that they are facing, here I would like to give you some tips from my side to maintain good perineal hygiene.

Number 1 would be to avoid the use of soaps, solutions and washes in this sensitive region because we all know how much we suffer when this area is having the itching. See it disturbs the pH of the vagina which is 4.5 to 5.5 and I would recommend to use lots and lots of water to clean this area. Number 2 would be we should not remove the pubic hair regularly, we should not touch the root of the hair because that disrupts the immunity of this region and it invites more and more infection. Number 3 would be regular use of cotton undergarments and we should change them when they are wet.

Fourth and not the least the used water or dirty hands should not reach the urethral area from the posterior site. We should always use the handheld shower from the front so that clean water reaches the urethra that prevents lots of infection in this region and my recommendation would be if you continue with this kind of practice for a month and more then you are going to see the results yourself and you will be free from infections in this region. If you are suffering from regular infections then we should always try to build up our immunity by eating healthy and doing regular exercise this is always helps to build immunity.

Thank you for your patience listening. 

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