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Types of Trauma and Their Reconstruction

Written and reviewed by
Dr. Yv Rao 88% (333 ratings)
MBBS, MS - General Surgery, M.Ch - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Hyderabad  •  33 years experience
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Hi, I am Dr YV Rao, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon. In this video, I will briefly mention about the various types of Trauma and their reconstruction.

Starting from the Fingertip injury to various severe injuries of different parts. This can be divided into 4-5 categories. We deal with the reconstruction, be it whatever it causes. The common cause is the birth defects, that is, congenital.

As I mentioned, some people are born with some defects, starting from nose, face, limbs or anywhere in the body. All these led to a problem if not corrected. These correctable deformities need to be corrected at certain stages. This is the Congenital birth defects.

Now comes the Traumatic defects. Deformities are caused due to trauma which may be accidental, may be operative, or may be a cancer surgery or any other deformation related to surgical. For example, reconstruction following a breast removal. Breast is considered as one of the feminine sign in females. If one breast is removed and another breast is there, so definitely she likes to have another breast. Now the time has gone in which people could live with one breast or apply padding on the defected one. Now, people are getting forward and when the possibility is there then why not get it done. Yes, it is possible. So the reconstruction of the breast is possible because of the plastic surgery. Likewise, in trauma, be it a fingertip injury or a major crush injury by road traffic accidents

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