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Treatment Of PCOD In Homeopathy!

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Treatment Of PCOD In Homeopathy!

What is PCOD?

PCOD or polycystic ovary disorder is prevalent in women in the childbearing age, stretching from their 20’s to the mid-40’s. This disease goes undiagnosed most of the time. However, it causes a lot of trouble to the women, including pain and discomfort. Complications are more common during pregnancy.

PCOD occurs because liquid filled sacs start growing inside the ovaries. The ovaries produce essential sex hormones, and once their function is disrupted, problems of a sexual nature crop up in these women’s bodies, affecting sex drive, appearance and normal lifestyle.

Symptoms: how do you know if you have PCOD?

There are several symptoms, which may help you determine if you have this disease yourself. They are-

• Periods do not occur after fixed intervals - Your 28-day cycle will be deranged. You may have your period earlier or later each month, or you may skip some months entirely. This is a serious concern among many women.

• Irregular bleeding - After you finally get your period, you may get abnormal amounts of flow. It may be unnaturally heavy and will be difficult for you to manage.

• Your complexion changing - Your complexion may get darker than it originally was, as a symptom of PCOD.

• You may have skin problems - Skin problems are a common side effect of PCOD. You may have pimples, discolouration or acne outbreaks on your face.

• Changes in body structure - You may also put on a lot of weight, often leading to obesity.

Homoeopathy: Why should you choose it over all other treatment options?

You can choose to treat your PCOD with conventional methods, or you can choose alternative homoeopathy for the purpose. In fact, there are many reasons you should go for the latter.

• Homoeopathy has no side effects - Potent conventional medicines leave several side effects on your body long after the treatment is over. These give rise to further illnesses, which weaken your body and cost you a lot for treatment. On the other hand, homoeopathic medicine leaves no side effects.

• Homoeopathy offers customized treatment - In opposition to conventional methods homoeopathy offers different treatments for each patient. That takes into account your medical history and persona before coming up with a remedy. Predictably, the cure lasts much longer.

• Homoeopathy offers holistic treatment - Homeopathy heals you from the inside, taking care of both your mind and body. Conventional methods do not offer that, and this holistic treatment makes your body better in the end.

PCOD is a disease that affects one in every 10 women in their reproductive years. If you suspect you have the symptoms, you should go to a doctor as soon as possible. Homoeopathy treatment is recommended strongly for this condition. However, weigh the pros and cons of homoeopathic treatment for yourself, and finally, decide if you should go for it.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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