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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Top Things To Know About Butt Implants

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Dr. Feroz KhanCosmetic Physician • 33 Years Exp.Fue Hair Transplantation, Advanced Aesthetics, RPSLH, SHS, MBBS
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The various angles and contours of our body define us and our personality to a great extent. There are many instances where women, in particular, may feel that they can do with a little more shape in areas like their breasts and buttocks. For this, there are various toning exercises and diet plans that may help over a long duration of time. But for those who would like a more wholesome appearance in less time, there is always the option of getting implants. Much like breast implants, one can also avail the option of getting butt implants that can add some curves to that region of the body. Let us find out all there is to know about this kind of surgical and cosmetology procedure.

  1. Butt augmentation or butt implants are usually done with the help of gluteal implants that can be injected into the muscles of that region of the body. These can greatly enhance the shape of the butt.

  2. Butt implant, basically a body contouring procedure, can be done with liposculpture, which seeks to remove the excess fat from the area as well. However, this can increase the time taken to complete the surgery.

  3. The augmented rear will have a rather firm, but natural feel after the surgery is completed. It will have the taut feeling that a person gets to enjoy when he or she indulges in heavy workouts that involve lifting weights and plunges.

  4. There are many shape options that will be given to the patients who are about to go through this procedure. The shapes will include oval or round, depending on the overall figure and built of the patient.

  5. There are other options in this regard too. One can go in for cohesive silicone or solid silicone for the filling, which will form the implants and give shape to the butt region. Also, one can choose from a variety of surfaces that can go from smooth to textured. One can also choose gel options for the buttocks so that it suits the body type and kind of shape that the patient wants.

  6. The location of the implants is another very important factor that one needs to consider in such cases. There are three locations that one can choose from. The patient can choose the top portion that lies towards the upper sides of the buttocks, or the crease where both the cheeks meet. The third location is towards the lower part of the buttocks.

  7. The other things to consider are the shape and skin quality before the procedure. One will also have to evaluate the upper lower and mid buttock area so as to ascertain the best area when it comes to implants. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a cosmetic surgeon.