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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Top Five Remedies For Intertrigo In Babies

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Dr. Atul JainDermatologist • 13 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
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There are a number of conditions that may come to affect the delicate skin of newborns and growing babies. Intertrigo is an exceptionally normal inflammatory condition influencing those areas of skin that are naturally in contact with each other. An intertrigo skin problem in babies easy to diagnose and treat. For example, the groin, armpits, and other skin overlays. These territories of skin that are in contact with each other are in contact with the intertriginous zones.

Infants and babies with intertrigo have red and sore skin in the folds of skin, under the neck, under the arm, and in the nappy area. Dissimilar to nappy rash, the rash is most dangerous if it is found inside the folds of the skin. In a nappy rash, the skin inside a fold is usually protected, but the rash is exceedingly bad in areas touched by the nappy.

Home Remedies for Intertrigo in Babies

Here we discuss some natural home remedies to treat the Intertrigo skin rash problem In Babies. Using these tips, you can easily treat this skin rash problem: 

  1. In case you or your child has intertrigo, your doctor may propose just keeping the affected range dry and exposed to the air. You may control oozing of certain liquids with moist packs of an astringent called Burow's solution. Then air dries it and lets it heal on its own.
  2. The surface of the affected skin is exceptionally sensitive and hard. It should be dealt with delicately. Washing it with water can be difficult. Utilizing sorbolene to clean the skin might be a gentler option. Be careful so as not to rub the skin. Pat, it dries softly and regularly. Keeping the skin fold as dry as possible is very helpful
  3. Creams or balms that shield the skin from dampness such as the ones that are utilized for nappy rash might be useful. Zinc creams, zinc, and cod-liver oil creams can be in Intertrigo or rash problems in babies. Check with your doctor (drug specialist) for other valuable creams or salves.
  4. In case the sore red rash is not improving or it is spreading, see your specialist as the contamination may require treatment. Thrush infections are normal. Utilizing a defensive cream like the ones used to counteract a nappy rash is beneficial and effective. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a Dermatologist.

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