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Tooth Sensitivity - Facts You Must Be Aware Of!

Dr. Premendra Goyal 93% (828 ratings)
Dentist, Mumbai  •  27 years experience
Tooth Sensitivity - Facts You Must Be Aware Of!

Have you ever come across a situation when on a warm day, all you want is a tall glass of something cold; but you couldn't due to the sensitivity in the teeth. Isn't that really frustrating? This problem is known as tooth sensitivity and has become very prevalent. And due to the changing food habits, the condition has only gotten worse. While sensitivity was a common issue mostly in the aged people due to gum recession but now the condition is different and the condition affects a much bigger and younger group of people. The following are some facts to know about tooth sensitivity.

  1. It is a warning sign: Tooth sensitivity is often the second warning that something is wrong underneath. Enamel is lost first, but it only is a cosmetic issue. Once the entire enamel is lost, dentin gets exposed, which is what causes sensitivity. Since enamel loss does not cause any pain or sensitivity, it is often ignored. However, if treatment is initiated with enamel loss, then sensitivity can be avoided.
  2. Sensitivity can occur after dental treatment too: If you have had a filling or a denture or a crown that is not properly fitted, you may experience sensitivity. The dental prosthesis may not fit snugly and cause problems.
  3. Desensitizing toothpaste helps: Most of these contain potassium nitrate which blocks the sensitive dentin tubules and prevent sensitivity. Used as soon as the sensitivity sets in, it can be completely managed.
  4. Tooth sensitivity can be prevented: Proper oral hygiene measures can help in preventing tooth sensitivity. One of the major causes of tooth sensitivity is the change in food habits with a lot more processed and refined foods. Soft, sticky foods like chocolates are consumed more than ever. Compare that with eating a fruit or a vegetable. The fruit has a natural cleansing effect compared to a chocolate on the enamel. Rinsing your mouth with water after every meal helps remove food deposits in the teeth. It is also important to keep a constant watch on the oral cavity with annual checkup so that issues are addressed in their early stage is another way to prevent sensitivity.
  5. Tooth sensitivity is totally reversible: This depends on how religiously a person takes care of their oral health. With some minor change to oral maintenance, this is totally reversible.
    • As soon as sensitivity is identified, check with a doctor
    • In the initial stage, this can be totally reversed with desensitizing toothpaste and mouthwash.
    • Fillings or crowns which were not done properly can be corrected if they are causing the problem
    • In some cases, the tubules can be blocked by applying a thin layer of cement over it.

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