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Three Ways To Fight Your Skin Allergies!

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Three Ways To Fight Your Skin Allergies!

Say it or not, but your skin tells a lot about you and your health! Dull Skin? Poor health! Glowy skin? Oh my god, what do you eat for breakfast? Dry skin? Have you been not taking care of yourself well? It’s important to take care of your skin for better health! And we trust you on this!

Exposure of Your Skin To Pollutants and Allergens!

But what if your skin is bothered by the millions of allergens out there? You really cannot deny the pollution going off-limits and your immunity falling down in its defences every single day. Not just that! Your genetics also play a huge role in the types of allergies you’re affected with and it does determine your skin’s health to a larger extent! Being exposed to such allergens and pollutants, consequently, your histamine hits you in your gut! Histamine is a hormone that kicks in when your body is allergic to something and works with IgE antibody to alert your body against it. Though you can suppress the allergy by taking an optimum dosage of anti-histamine tablets and immuno-suppresants, these do little to help you in the long run! 

How To Avoid Allergens and Pollutants?

It is suggested that you know your body really well and get yourself tested for all possible allergies before you prepare your body against allergies. An allergen can be anything - right from the dust on the road to peanut or any other edible. It differs from body to body and you should really be aware of it. Ditch all possibilities, events and places where you have a chance to be exposed to such irritants. If not, cover your sense organs with a scarf or if necessary, touch them with your gloves on!

Boost Your Immunity!

We can’t stress enough on how necessary it is to boost your immunity and keep up with your fitness. Minor exposure to an allergen can be a huge setback if your body is not prepared enough. You can also opt for Chyawanprash for an enhanced immunity along with a regular workout!

Deal With Your Skin Allergies Naturally

The less you use the chemicals on already irritated skin, the better you can help your skin heal and recover. It is suggested to fall back on Ayurveda.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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