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Things About Super Facial Fungal Infection

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I am Dr. Vinod Pandey, Ayurveda. Today I will tell you about fungal infection. How to treat and prevent the reccurence of this problem? It is becoming common in India. This problem is coming as reccurence and with drug resistance. It is high time to understand this problem and how to protect us from this problem. What are the causes of recurrence of this infection? We will look in all these factors today. It is becoming a health hazard. It is becoming a economic burden on people. It is affecting a large number of people. You have to take medication for 3 weeks up to 3 months. There are multiple reasons that why sudden rise in the fungal infection. People are living in a much smaller room where there is a cross ventilation. Crowded, unhygienic conditions, long distance of travel, use of steroids for this problem makes you more prone to this disease. All these are giving rise to this problem.

The most common fungal infection are caused by dermatofitos. It occurs in the area where there is water losing or sweat losing such as armpits, groin, buttocks. These are the areas where we can see the infection. How do they appear? They appear in red color and brown lesions. They cause itching and irritation a lot. What should we do when one has fungal infection? First of all consult a Dr immediately. Understand the condition and do the complete medication course for a given period. Because when you will start the medications, you will notice the improvement in symptoms. Within 2 weeks you will see the changes. You will notice that fungus has cleared away from the skin. But fungus takes time to get cleared from the skin. You might get symptoms reliefed but there is still fungi on you skin. Until Dr suggestes that you should not stop medications, till then you should not stop the treatment. You should not do self medications and get examined by the dermatologist. You should always keep records of your past medications.

So, that Dr will have the knowledge that what and all medicines you have taken in past. Not taking proper treatment will result you in more problems related to fungus and then treatment will also take more longer time because it will result in reccurrence. treatment will become more expensive for you and the case will become more resistance. You need to get yourself checked to understand that why this problem is occurring again and again. Take the treatment and complete your course. How to protect yourself from this problem? We have to follow some preventive measures for the same. Take bath daily and if possible take bath twice daily. Wipe yourself completely. Wear washed clothes. Your towel must be thin and washed daily. Try to wear loose cotton. Try to wear cotton clothes. If you workout in gym, wear sweat observing clothes. Also, take a bath immediately after gym and change your workout clothes regularly. Keep your nails clean and short because it is the place where fungi hides. Keep your clothes away from your family member clothes. Avoid cross-infection within the family. You have to apply the cream within the lesions. Do not use any steroid based creams on fungal infection. So friends, I hope you found this video helpful and useful. If you have any query, you can contact me through Lybrate.

Thank You.

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