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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The Progression Of Liver Diseases And Ayurveda!

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Dr. Paresh J ThakkarAyurvedic Doctor • 31 Years Exp.BAMS
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Liver disease is a wide term that describes a number of problems associated with a damaged liver. In simple words, liver disease is a condition that causes swelling of the liver cells/hepatic cells or harms the tissue of the liver. The functioning of this important organ is drastically affected in severe stages which causes many gastrointestinal disturbances as well. If not treated on time, it can prove to be fatal.

The liver is responsible for many important functions such as providing immunity, fat metabolism, eliminating bacteria from the bloodstream, storing and discharging of glucose as and when required, the building of proteins for blood plasma, and many others. Functional or physical destruction to the liver can affect these functions in the body as well.

Hepatic disease covers the potential problems that can be the reason for failure of the liver to carry out its functions.

In modern science, liver illnesses are characterized by cause and effect. The reason for Liver Diseases’ includes injury, infections, genetic defects, exposure to toxic compounds, etc. Among the effects, fat imbalance in liver, clotting abnormalities, obstructions, liver failure, and inflammatory changes are pointed out in most of the cases.

Liver Diseases and Ayurveda
In Ayurveda, disorders of the liver are altogether named as Yakrit Vikara. Yakrit stands for liver and Vikara stands for derangement or disorder, diseased or disfigured condition. In Ayurveda, the formation of the liver is from the blood (Rakta) at the initial stage.

In Ayurveda, Liver Diseases are classified into two major groups: Mlana Yakrit and Yakrit Vriddhi. Mlana Yakrit means an improper liver function or its shrinkage and Yakrit Vriddhi means liver enlargement.
Ayurveda treats Liver Diseases using various natural herbs and remedies to stop further scarring of liver tissue and may help to rejuvenate liver cells, detoxify the body and improve digestion, bowel movement. The treatment varies depending upon the cause, need, and severity of the problem. It properly and completely cures diseases without any side effects.

Take Away -

Liver disease is a condition caused due to the swelling of the liver cells or impairment of the tissue of the liver. As a result, the functioning of this important organ decreases and causes a number of gastrointestinal disturbances indirectly. The liver is responsible for numerous types of body functions that are further associated with various systems. Ayurveda treats the cause of liver diseases and limits the symptoms as well. As most of the Liver Diseases are caused due to the imbalance of the Pitta component, Ayurveda cures and balances this component using herbs and remedies. However, one should consult an Ayurveda liver specialist before deciding upon any Ayurveda remedies.

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