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Stress - How To Manage It And Live A Fuller Life?

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Stress - How To Manage It And Live A Fuller Life?

Feeling stuck in life? Such feelings are not abnormal and are popularly referred to as a midlife crisis. Many people suffer from a feeling of depression, of getting short charged in life, or being dragged into a vortex of problems.

Life suddenly seems to have put a brake in its course. It feels like the person is standing by a cliff and looking downward towards the abyss. Managing life suddenly becomes a problem. So, what exactly is happening?

It is basically an unbalanced state of mind, body, emotion and social needs. People can live a fuller life if they can restore the balance.

Make People Smile

Set a target of making people smile. There can be nothing more satisfying than making people smile. One can feed the hungry or help the needy. Whichever way the person does it, he/she is going to earn rewards in terms of heartfelt content and happiness. Heart-warming gestures from those people is a plus that can really fill up with real happiness.

Be in The Midst of Happy People

Happiness can be a panacea for many problems in life. One needs to be in the midst of happy people and avoid grumpy people. They can give hope to take everything in stride and go ahead resolving the problems one by one.

Set Aside Some Self Time

One needs to reflect over the deeds, executions, behaviours et al that usually people do every day. The mind works hard all day at work or at home. There is no time to reflect on the quality of executions, behaviours etc. throughout the day. So, take some time off from the busy schedule and reflect on dealings, conducts, behaviours, etc. This will not only help to become more productive, but also learn to admire things and feel happy.

Dream Can Be A Good Medicine

Daydreaming is bad, at least people say so. But it has the potential to invigorate the mind and emotional state. Dreaming inspires and provides confidence. In fact, dreaming is productive since most of the scientific inventions like electricity, airplanes etc are products of scientists’ dreams. It is like conjuring up an idea before giving it shape.

Winning Every Argument Does Not Make One Happier

Many relationships get sour over time. One of the biggest factors for this are relentless arguments and counter arguments. Regular and futile arguments set the tone of relations that are going to cease in the future. However, there is an easy way out of this quagmire. Just get over the idea that one needs to win every argument with a spouse. If losing an argument can save a relationship, and that too a marriage, it can really be more fulfilling than winning an argument.

So, take a leaf out of the lives of some of the successful relations and bow to the partner, at least in some cases. People would really relish the dish, even if they disliked the cook.

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