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Stress - How Can It Affect You?

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Dr.Nithin Kondapuram 87% (41ratings)
Diploma in Psychiatry, MBBS, Masters in Neuro Psychiatric Epidemiology
Psychiatrist, Hyderabad  •  10years experience
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Hello everyone,

I am Dr. Nithin Kondapuram. I'm a consultant psychiatrist. Today we are going to talk to you about stress because of all the competition and the need to thrive and to be very much successful is leading to a lot of stress in everybody's family and because of this stress, it impacts all the four different types of your personal, on your life. The four different parts can affect your personal life, professional life, family life and social life.

Come to the personal life when you have way too much stress this causes a lot of problems between you and your spouse, a small fight can be become a big fire because of the low frustration tolerance you may not be able to reason to what your spouse is saying, also stress can cause a decreased libido in you because of which you may not be able to perform 100% as you are used to doing and not only this stress can also affect your relationship with your children, many of the children whom I have seen have complained that their parents are not able to spend time because they are stressed over their own lives, this impacts the child's future also.

When it comes to a professional friend, when you're stressed you're not confident enough to deliver what is required. At the same time, your mind is not clear to take the decisions which you should take at the right time because of all these things and many other things it will affect your professional life and you may not be able to deliver 100%.

When it comes to the social friend whenever you want to meet your friends, when you're stressed you may not be able to speak to them completely, you may not speak to them openly. At the same time, you may not be able to talk to them properly and this can lead to a lot of misunderstandings between you and your friends. they may be your close friends.

When it comes to a family friend you may not be able to talk as openly as well as to your parents or your siblings, you may not be able to deliver what they want, you may not be able to discuss the small-small issues which are happening in the family because of all these things your relationship with your family members may not be 100% perfect.

So as it affects your personal life, professional life, socially and also your family life. Stress is a big thing and we should never ignore it and the good thing about stress is it's always treatable, be it in a pharmacological or non-pharmacological way.

Stress can also lead to a lot of other mental health issues like depression or anxiety and other physical illnesses like hypertension, diabetes and many of the cardiovascular diseases and the literature proves it. So don't be stressed whenever it's possible, meet a psychiatrist or any physician whom you know and talk to them about the stress. 

Thank you.

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