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Speech Therapy For Mumbling In Toddlers!

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Speech Therapy For Mumbling In Toddlers!

Mumbling is one of the most common problems in toddlers. Most parents are attentive towards their children's communication skills. If the children start mumbling in more extended conversation and do not articulate well, such cases are of concern for the parents, as the child suffers from speech disability. He/she cannot perform well in school and various areas of social interaction. Many children are good in verbal competitions and studies but may lag behind because of mumbling.

What is Mumbling in Toddlers?

Mumbling is the sound made by the kids when they speak longer sentences. They may leave out a sound or slur the words which make the sentence meaningless. In order to speak clearly, the child needs to speak words correctly and in complete sentences. These kids might not have a problem with short sentences and simple words. But with a long sentence, they might slur and mumble.

How to Improve Speech Qualities in Toddlers?

Toddlers and preschoolers often lose interest in the treatment or therapies if they do not experience fun in them. This is where parents need a speech therapist who helps in improving mumbling with creative ideas. 

Here are a few tips for speech therapy by which parents can help their child improve mumbling problems.

  • Take a Video of the Kid: Parents can record a video of the kid when he/she speaks or performs anything. Later they can show them to the kid and ask if he/she likes or need to improve it. Encourage him/her to speak well and improve by showing other kids' videos. Teach them to speak well and let them observe other kids' conversations. This way, you can keep track of the kids' problem with words and sound. One can also give cues to the kids in the sentences or places where he/she is making mistakes.

  • Practice: Practice with the kid for improving his ability to speak correctly. One should help him/her to practice words and sentences daily. Use games or cards for practising. This will develop an interest in the child to learn and improve. Make flashcards or drawings of the sentences which need to be practiced by the child. This will be a fun way to practice effective speaking skills.

  • Create Signal: One can create a signal for the child, which emphasizes that he started mumbling. This can be practised with the child when parents are teaching him/her speech therapy. Use the signal to tell him/her that he started mumbling.

  • Consulting Speech Therapists: For serious and advanced cases, it is advisable to consult professional speech therapists. They will formulate a system that can be used to develop speech abilities in the kids. They are scientifically trained professionals who help in the process of effective speaking and communication. One can also monitor the work of the therapists and practice the lesson at home for better results.

Take Away

Mumbling is not a disorder. However, if the condition happens frequently and impacts your child’s development, it is advisable to practice them with speech therapy. For more critical cases, professional consultation is always advisable.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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