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Sleeping Habits - 7 Things That Can Help You Improve It!

Written and reviewed by
Dr.Tegbir Singh Sidhu 86% (18ratings)
MBBS, Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis (DMRD), MD
Radiologist, Mohali  •  15years experience
Sleeping Habits - 7 Things That Can Help You Improve It!

We all look forward to a good night’s sleep after a long day at work. Sleep is one of the most blissful habits and is very essential as well. When one has not had a good night’s sleep, the following day’s productivity takes a toll for sure. It is therefore very essential to get good rest for at least 8 hours. Take the suggested therapy for any disease and it would include 8 hours of rest.

However, when you look closer, the poor sleep is due to some patterns that are our habits. This could include our food patterns, the side we sleep, the pillow we use, etc. Read on to know more!

  1. Food habits: Eating very close to bedtime is one of the worst things to do, especially if it is a greasy meal that you have had. Lying down after a heavy meal gets the acid coming up to the throat and causing further irritation. Keep the dinner light if you really are late for it.
  2. Smoking: Smoking up just before you hit the bed is another habit you should kick (even if you can’t kick the habit of smoking itself), the chemicals released keep you awake and stimulated and do not let you sleep.
  3. Alcohol: Though the general belief is that alcohol induces a good amount of sleep, it requires extra metabolism and so does not give a good night’s sleep. Think of hangover the next morning! There is no one who has a hangover without feeling groggy.
  4. Irregular sleeping pattern: While this is difficult with the changing times, it is very important to stick to a schedule. This helps in the body getting a good, restful sleep and not confusing it as to when to sleep and when to wake up.
  5. Lack of exercise: One of the many side effects of lack of sleep is the lack of a good sleep.
  6. Sleep environment: Keep a pillow and blanket that is comfortable, not too cosy. The room temperature should neither be too warm or cold.
  7. Technology: Keep technology (TV, mobile, tablet, etc.) out of your room and see how your sleep will improve. You can always catch up later on what is happening around you.

If you thought it was just about some hours of sleep, think again. In the long run, there are multiple effects of poor sleep including.

  1. Irritated, moody, angry
  2. Lack of focus and concentration
  3. Loss of productivity
  4. Memory loss
  5. Relationship issues
  6. Poor habits like binge eating and drinking (caffeine and coke) and excessive smoking and drinking

So, sleep for the prescribed 8 hours and see your quality of life improve. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a general physician.

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