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Sleep - How To Improve The Quality Of It?

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Sleep - How To Improve The Quality Of It?

Sleeping is a natural process, which should happen effortlessly when you are tired. However, owing to a lot of factors, your sleep might be disrupted and the lack of sleep might make you feel tired and less productive the next day.

Here are a few tips which you could follow to sleep better:

  1. Remove the faintest traces of light: A dark room helps you sleep better as even a faint light can trick your brain into believing that it is daytime and disrupt your sleep. Switch off all your lights and if that doesn’t help, use an eye mask to keep the light out.

  2. Keep your beverages under check: Consuming any form of caffeinated beverages within six hours of your sleep time can hamper your sleep. The caffeine content in your beverages can reduce your regular sleep time by more than two hours as it is loaded with oxidants which fight drowsiness.

  3. Choose your dinner carefully: Eating a heavy dinner can cause discomfort while sleeping and can disrupt it as you feel over-stuffed. Refrain from consuming alcohol with your dinner as it can force you to make frequent trips to the washroom and act as a disruption to your sleep.

  4. Do not exercise before going to bed: Exercise is absolutely important for a healthy lifestyle, but exercising before going to bed can result in problems in sleeping. Exercising can give you an adrenaline rush which keeps you awake and pumped up at night.

  5. Find the perfect mattress and pillow: Feeling comfortable is the key to good sleep. Your bed and pillow might be too hard or soft for you and can be the reason behind you not getting proper sleep. Doctors recommend feather pillows for a good night’s sleep. Also, if you are using a synthetic pillow, make sure to replace it every six months.

  6. Indulge in snooze foods: You can avail and indulge in certain foods which have been labelled as snooze foods as they help you get better sleep at night. Warm milk is loaded with an amino acid known as ‘tryptophan’ which helps you get better sleep at night. Eating one spoon of honey before going to bed is a great idea as it releases ‘Orexin’, a neuropeptide which is responsible for lowering alertness levels.

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