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Skin Care For Winter

Dr. Rashmi Shinde 92% (12 ratings)
Diploma in Dermatology, MBBS
Dermatologist, Mumbai  •  9 years experience
Skin Care For Winter

Do you get dry and itchy skin, chapped lips, dry hands and cracked heels in winters? if yes! read this write-up that would guide you on how to take care of your dry, itchy skin from head to toe in the cold and dry winters, or otherwise. Cold weather along with low humidity strips your skin of its natural moisturizing factors. This might bring a sigh of relief in those with oily skin but indeed is a lot more challenging for dry or combination skin types.

Hair gets dry and fizzy in winters because of cold temperatures and lack of moisture; so cover your head when you move out and oil and condition your hair more frequently.

Face encounters the maximum wrath of cold weather, due to inability to protect itself from cold temperature and winds. The key is to use a soap-free non-foaming mild cleanser that does not strip natural oils from your skin and cover your face when you step out in cold and windy weather. Prefer a thick moisturizing cream if your skin is parched but use thinner creams or lotion for slightly dry skin

Dry and chapped lips are common in winters and need a constant supply of moisturizer to regain their suppleness. So, always carry a lip balm with you, apply it each time you feel a stretch on your lips rather than licking them with saliva or removing the flakes.

The skin on the body gets drier in winters because of weather and wrong skin care. However tempting it might feel to dip into a hot bathtub or steam shower, please avoid it because the hot water sucks all the natural oil from your skin. Use lukewarm water and keep the bath time short. Slather oil (coconut or sunflower or sesame) or body lotion immediately after drying to trap the moisture.

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