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Sensory Processing Disorder - How Occupational Therapy Can Help?

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Sensory Processing Disorder - How  Occupational Therapy Can Help?

 Sensory Processing Disorder refers to a condition in which the brain has problems in receiving and responding to information, which comes through the sense organs. The problems of sensory processing are usually found among children but they can even affect the adults. People receive all kinds of input through how we see, taste, smell, touch and through all our body-centred senses of touch, movement, gravity as well as the position of the body. Occupational therapy is an appropriate treatment that tends to focus on assisting all those people who suffer from sensory processing disorders. Before we talk about the tips, let us briefly talk about the symptoms and causes behind Sensory Processing Disorder

Symptoms Of Sensory Processing Disorder

There are different kinds of symptoms, which can clearly indicate that a child or even an adult is suffering from this disorder. They include:

- The smell of any particular food might cause a problem and a child can have vomiting tendency.

- There are even those, who might scream as and when they get touched.


There are certain reasons as to why this sensory processing disorder occurs. They include:

- Abnormal activity inside one’s brain as and when they get exposed to light and sound in a simultaneous manner.

- All those children, who are quite hypersensitive towards light and sound, could have due to a very strong genetic component. Tips on Occupational Therapy Treatment for Sensory Processing Disorder As discussed earlier, occupational therapy can come to great help for all those who suffer from sensory processing disorder.

Let us talk about the tips regarding the Occupational Therapy:

Treatment for dealing with this problem of Sensory Processing Disorder:

- The occupational therapists initially try to carefully evaluate the issues, which a particular child is facing. A therapist can use certain tests and also keep a close watch on the child's behavior and keep talking to the child like a teacher.

- The Occupational Therapists look to get the kids or even adults involved in different physical activities, which are exclusively designed for regulating their sensory input and ultimately make them feel comfortable, secured and focused.

- Occupational therapists make use of something known as brushing. This is particularly applicable for children, who find the normal sensations like touch, walking barefoot really irritating.

- The therapists tend to carry out the treatment in a particular setting remains outfitted with special equipment known as a sensory gym. The equipment helps children to get into activities like swing, crash in padded surfaces.

- Another exclusive tip regarding occupational therapy for treating this disorder is that the therapists can design a sensory treatment plan, which is completely customized to suit their needs. Children could be made to go through certain activities, which would provide the stimulation that they need from weight and the contact that assist them to feel at home to tastes.

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