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Scars - How Do They Occur?

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Dr.Nishant Chhajer 92% (708ratings)
M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery), MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Noida  •  17years experience
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I am Dr. Nishant Chhajer, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon. Today I will talk about scars. Scars, when we think, it is bad. But let me tell you, all scars are not bad. ANd a plastic surgeon can make your scars favorable. I convert your bad scars into good scars. Now scars can be because of different reasons. There can be cut marks, operative marks, acne and many a time different disease and burns and a lot of other problems. Now we should know what is the limitation and what we can achieve. Once a thing is fixed, what maximum we can achieve, then only we should go for scars. If it is a burn scar then I have a lot of limitations that how much favorable I can make it. Or how can I convert the scar into a less visible or invisible scar or I can make a scar which is not too bad to see? But when a patient comes to me with a shallow scar then I have a lot of options. It can be a chemical treatment burns etc. I can treat them to zero. I have different options for that. I give chemical peeling, it may be fractional treatment or it may be dermabrasion or some other kind of surgeries.

Now the shallow scars, they are better to treat which give you more improvement and 80% or 90-95% which are practically invisible. But when a scar is there when you smile or talk then I just make them in a way that I change the direction and makes them favorable so when you smile they become invisible. So, I can do scar revision or I can do any plasty or different substitution of tissue. I can apply a full thickness of graft or a graft from the other side. Or I can do a smaller adjacent flab. So, a plastic surgeon gives you different modalities to treat a scar not just to remove. So many therapies are available which improvise the scars which are called scar remodeling therapy. It takes approximately 2 years or more to improve the scar. Now there are some physical massage therapy, some silicone gel application, and pressure garments. Now for the management of the scar to make it more favorable, you need to follow at least 2 years with a plastic surgeon who is well worsed with removing the scars. After seeing this presentation you can say all those scars are not bad and most of them can be made that they don't look bad.

Thank You.

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