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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Respiratory Tract Problems

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Dr. Prriya ThakkarHomeopathy Doctor • 31 Years Exp.BHMS

Hi friends!

Myself Dr. Prriya Thakkar. I’m practicing homeopath at Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Today we would talk about homeopath and respiratory tract problems. Respiratory tract can be divided broadly into upper respiratory tract involving the throat and the lower respiratory tract involving the lungs. Respiratory tract problems normally present as nasal discharge, nose block,throat pain, cough. They can be allergic or infective. Allergic problems normally get aggravated with change of weather exposure to strong odors, smoke, things like that. Whereas infective problems they can come up any time. But one associated symptom is fever. This is more or less present in infective conditions. Once the word fever is uttered panic strikes the patient as well as the patients. They normally want to back out getting treated with homeopathic. But friendslet me tell you homeopathy works wonderfully with fever conditions as high as 103- 104degrees. Today I have some presenting videos which would explain to you how wonderful homeopathy works in this high fever cases. First is a girl child, she first came to me when shewas 2 years of age, she has recurrent tonsillitis and her condition was so bad that she was not getting well even with allopathic medicines. Even high doses of antibiotics were not working for her and she was advised to undergo a last try she came to me to try homeopathy, if that wouldn’t work she would give up. This patient she recovered perfectly with homeopathic medicines. The another video is of two siblings, brother and sister both, the boy was 9 months old when he came to me and the girl was 3 and a half years old. Both of them again having fever as high as 103-104 always. But in the girl she always had upper respiratory i.e. the throat involvement followed by the chest involvement so she would present with freeze and things like that. Both of them are doing wonderfully today after so many years. There’s one more case which is allergic, this child is 2 years of age she came to me with constant cough for almost 2 months. Her mother tried everything under the son but the cough wasn’t good. This was an allergic presentation and she recovered totally well with homoeopathy. So friends any of your respiratory illnesses you can definitely contact me at Lybrate.


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