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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Relationship Issues

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Ms. Atika ShuklaPsychologist • 17 Years Exp.Master In Counselling Psychology



I’m Atika. I am a counselling psychologist. I have over 11 years of experience. I have seen a varied range of issues. Ranging from marital, pre-marital, self-esteem, parent-child, work stress to mental illness and suicide. Over the last 4 to 5 years. The number of clients who come to me for relationship issues has gone up considerably as compared to earlier as I would see more clients or families with mental illness. This rise in seeking relationship counselling. Could be because of increasing the awareness. But more importantly, it is because of the fragility of relationship nowadays. As human beings, we are social beings. We need to live in a society. We need to live in a community. We need to be interdependent and need to be connected. However what change in times the focus I becoming more of myself. It is all about me. My inspirations. my ambitions. my needs. my wants. my desires. It’s not bad to think about oneself. When the self-become selfish that is where the problem arises. As when we only focus on ourselves and our needs. We cannot put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and empathise with them. And due to this mindset, the number of divorces in the recent past has gone up considerably. We have a zero threshold. Zero tolerance. If I am not happy. I don’t think I need to make an effort to make this relationship work. If I am not getting what I want, let me end it now. It’s become that easy. The reason why our grandparents our parent’s marriages worked was that they were growing up in the joint family where they learned to adjust from the beginning.

The concept was more ours then mines. There was shared responsibility. There were fewer expectations and more solid support system. So I would recommend, before getting into any relationships especially if it marriage it is important that we seek pre-marital counselling. As what it does is it provides a platform to two individuals who belong to different backgrounds who grown up with a different set of value system to really talk about their expectations from each other or from the marriage their views on children, or in-laws, on finances, on how the gonna handle conflict so therefore when they enter matrimony they are equipped as they have a better understanding of each other also there is something that is non-negotiable to all of us. So it is better to come aware of these things in our partner. In our spouses before we actually commit for a lifetime. To ensure that it is going to be a smooth sailing. However, unfortunately, a lot of times marriages do get in the conflict then it is important to seek professional help. Before individuals become so bruise that the damage is beyond repair. If you like to know more about me or marriage pre-marital counselling I would like you to connect with me through or connect with me through Lybrate. I practice at sector 28 Novida. Thank You.